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With 8 more weeks of the drama to enjoy, it’s time for me to get more organized… 😛 And a big thanks to everyone for sharing any additional links! 😀

Official Homepage

LIVE STREAMING: 9:55pm KST every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC

iMBC (requires free membership)
iOnAir (requires free membership)
TiYuBa (works only with IE)
WuBiSheng (the links in the left box require TVAnts plug-in)
KRTV8 (search for MBC)

OR you can download the ‘Solive’ software, which also requires free membership, or the Stream Torrent software.

For iPhone/iPad (and possibly android) users, there is a DaeguMBC app you can download, but it requires WIFI to stream.

TORRENT LINKS shared by semi-fly @ soompi


girlfriday @ Dramabeans
A Koala’s Playground
Musings of a Twinkie
Musings of the Obsessive Kind
Couch Kimchi
Vingle (live recaps)


Hulu (official version from MBC America)
KRDrama (soft subs available)
DarkSmurfSub (soft subs, requires membership)
MediumQuality (raw files and soft subs for download)
DramaLoad (free to watch online only)


19 Responses to TK2H Links

  1. Fai says:

    for everyone who wants to download HQ 720p with medium size (350mb) can download at
    with eng softsub

  2. joingen says:

    There are two other bloggers who are doing amazing recaps of TK2H!
    Here are the links:
    I looove reading their recaps and insights! Seunggi and Ha Ji Won are doing a really amazing job! I sooo respect and salute Seunggi for his choices. This is an excellent project, from the production to the PD, to the story, and to all the cast members. Best show ever!

  3. sal says:

    this blogger is also in love with TK2H 😀 and does recaps/screen caps

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    I can’t read enough blogs praising the show and our Seung Gi (and I left comments on them too)! I hope the buzz will make more people curious about TK2H and check it out themselves. Missing such a wonderful drama is really a shame.

    Also I spent a lot of time downloading 760p ep. 3 and ep. 4 already. For one thing, fast forwarding (to the parts you want to review again!) is so much better with the HD version. I have Chinese srt files for ep. 3 & 4 if anyone is interested.

    Spread the love! TK2H fighting!

    • manassuper says:

      thanx ann for raising anticipation for TK2H .MAY BE I CAN DO A BIT MORE NOW IN THAT are really a true fan and one that seunggi want to treasure for life.ANN FIGHTING!TK2H FIGHTING!

    • Wood says:

      Then start from the last few pages. They had very insightful interpretation of the treadmill, SNSD, and then 60km test.

      I can’t get enough of them too ! A “simple” scene like the tread mill , 1st level : its just a threat of explosives aka Speed. 2nd level : Jae Ha encourage Hang Ah because if she falls and hers explode, he will die also, so he IS still self centered. 3rd level : Parallel universe and comic – did Jae Ha first suggest Seung Gi’s song, which Hang Ah doesn’t know ? (I’m not sure as my download episode issnt clear.) 4th level : NK and SK are side by side and depend on each other to survive. 5th level : Hang Ah is limping, because NK IS really the economically weaker one.

      So many levels to one scene. I salute everyone involved in making this drama. I hope the quality and pace will continue till the end. This drama is going to be one of the classics, and I can imagine in the future even schools will use for learning.

      Lastly, I’m just SO proud of Seung Gi for choosing such a challenging role to improve himself. He could have chosen a safe and popular drama role, or even stay in 1N2D. We should just support him in everything he does and not give him any more pressure on ratings etc etc ..

      Peace .. ^^

  5. Lynn says:

    You can also watch English subbed videos from
    Watch online for free.
    Full one-file video downloads available for premium members (nominal fees applicable)

  6. joingen says:

    One more blogger spreading TK2H love…
    Seunggi deserves every praise…so proud of him!

  7. Sugar and Spice says:

    Just wonderful seeing so many bloggers appreciating TK2H and of course Seung Gi’s acting 🙂 Seoulbeats did a review for Ep 1-4

  8. Lynn says:

    I’m trying out one of the links above
    Anyone knows why I am not getting any audio ? I don’t read Chinese

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tryp just to share, there is this Windows program that can stream the live broadcast quite smoothly as it is using p2p. It’s called streamtorrent and can be downloaded here:
    After installation, just run the program and search using keyword “MBC”.
    I was able to watch the live broadcast yesterday smoothly, and it actually runs better the more the number of viewers.

  10. Sugar and Spice says:

    Another blogger who loves TK2H and who embeds the raw videos on her blog

    • Osi says:

      Thank you for the link. I checked it and there’s a poll there about your favorite drama on air. So don’t forget to vote guys. ^^

  11. joingen says:

    we can never get enough of recappers and bloggers spreading TK2H love!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I went to check dramabean again just to look on TK2H recaps from 1 to 10 (actually i came to peek if RTP had a big response . happily it doesn’t 😀 ). I was so surprised episode 10 had a 627 comments! That Big! Now I’m thinking that maybe people/audience starting to realized what kind of drama TK2H is and now from episode 11 onwards more viewers are drwan to watch TK2H. Keeping my fingers cross!

  13. gnubutnes says:

    this drama tell the relationship of SK-NK in unique way…………. deabak for the PEACE msg……tk2h fighting !! seung gi-yaa…Fighting !!!

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