My SG Trips

I’ll be compiling all of my SeungGi-related travelogues/fan accounts here.

My very 1st trip to Seoul in November, 2010

2011 Lunar New Year with SeungGi in New York

2011 Airen Summer Camp with Lee Seung Gi

An 8N10D SeungGi Tour: My Ultimate Fangirl Experience

My 1st trip to Japan for SeungGi’s First Live at Budokan


9 Responses to My SG Trips

  1. Alfie P says:

    I’m a guy, but I’m proud to say that I love Lee Seung Gi… His smile, songs, and acting bring gladness to everyone who sees him.

  2. Mai Thao says:

    I’m so jealous of you. I would totally love to meet Lee Seung Gi someday. Even if it’s just a glance, I would be like the happiest girl 🙂

  3. kitty says:

    hello from thailand may i know did seungg have his personal facebook account..

  4. Thiz is my first time to see LSG @ Singapore he shake my hand 4 times
    And I can’t sleep

  5. Skaterjomag says:

    I had my BEST SGI moment in S’pore although I saw him so closely in M’sia FM and Hope Concert! ^^

  6. Hernita Willinsen says:

    Airen Summer Camp story, pretty PLEASE. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m dying to know your experience there! Btw, how did you find out events like that? I mean, it was a summer camp! whoah! 😀

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