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Lee Seung Gi 1N2D Fan Art 3

credit: everymoment

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Throwback Group Photo with Lee Seung Gi

This was taken about 10 years ago. The photo quality is poor because it’s not the original. The person posting it just said SeungGi was the most sought-after person on 1N2D but he didn’t turn down the request to take … Continue reading

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16.12.28 Selca with Lee Seung Gi at SWC Event

This picture is a little old, but I just found it while surfing randomly. 😛 This guy seems to be the leader of the band that performed at the Black Panther year-end concert (he bragged about being on the same … Continue reading

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[Eng Sub] Famous Princesses Ep 51-60 – Lee Seung Gi

Episode 51 Episode 52 Episode 53 Episode 54 Episode 55 Episode 56 Episode 57 Episode 58 Episode 59 Episode 60 credit: ShiefaLi

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14.10.19 Love Forecast Filming Fancam – Lee Seung Gi

I’ve seen this on IG a couple of times, so I hope it’s ok to repost the YT link: credit: seunggiya.com

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Lee Seung Gi ♥ Shim Eun Kyung ‘Goonghap’ to be Unveiled at Cannes Film Festival

*updated with translation* OMG! I’m at work and don’t have time to translate the article right now, but I just got so excited when I saw this! I’ll update later when I have time. 😛

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Airen Book Cafe Project BTS Story – Lee Seung Gi

Sorry to take so long to translate this. It was a very long post, so I skipped a few parts and summarized the rest.

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