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17.06.30 SWC Concert Full HD Video – Lee Seung Gi

credit: talentTV

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Lee Seung Gi MS Enlistment Anniversary Fan Video

Credit: LSGKWA

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Throwback Photo with SWC Soldier Lee Seung Gi

This person met SeungGi when he went to give a lecture at SeungGi’s unit: credit: kimsangchul via LSGVNKites

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16.07.19 Black Panther Concert MC Lee Seung Gi Photos 2

So the 39th Black Panther Anniversary Concert was the 16.07.19 SWC family event. 😛

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Throwback Photo with SWC Corporal Lee Seung Gi

Now that SeungGi is discharged, hopefully there’ll be more photo-sharing. 😛 credit: shalom0690

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Lee Seung Gi Military Service Souvenir Badges

OK, I’ve tried to label all the badges as best I can. Becoming a “Special Forces Combat Soldier” is also an impressive achievement considering the qualification requirements in terms of training and performance levels.

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2016 SWC Black Panther 39th Anniversary Concert MC Lee Seung Gi Photos

Looks like SeungGi hosted and performed at last year’s anniversary concert as well. The female MC posted these pictures today in celebration of SeungGi’s military discharge. But I’m quite amazed that no one had leaked a thing from this concert … Continue reading

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17.09.18 PACC & PAMS Event Video Clip 2 – Lee Seung Gi

Finally, something in HD! 😛 credit: KoreaMulticulturalCenter via leeseunggibar

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Local Residents in Jeungpyeong Cheer for Lee Seung Gi

This is so touching! SeungGi is really loved wherever he goes! And these are the non-military people who saw SeungGi the most during the last 21 months. Congratulations on Top Star Lee Seung Gi’s military discharge! You’ve really worked so … Continue reading

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The ROK Army Cheers for Lee Seung Gi

This message was posted on the official FB page of the ROK Army, with a link to the issue of Army Magazine featuring SeungGi. As of October 31, 2017, SWC Sergeant Lee Seung Gi will return to the public. After … Continue reading

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