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Lee Seung Gi Autographed Steaming Pitcher

Haha, this is definitely the most unique and precious steaming pitcher in the world. 😛 To xx ♥♥♥ Because It’s My Coffee!! ㅎ Lee Seung Gi credit: gysezsot

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17.02.06 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

This girl’s boyfriend is probably serving in the same unit as SeungGi, because the autograph message is pretty personal. The BF recently became a corporal, and he brought her this gift when he came out on a leave. “#LeeSeungGiAutograph #WorldHappiness … Continue reading

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17.02.04 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

This dclsg fan said she hit the jackpot because her nephew’s friend is SeungGi’s immediate superior (in SWC), and she got this special autograph airlifted to her. 😀

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17.02.03 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

This person’s dad is probably a commissioned officer in SeungGi’s SWC unit. Getting his autograph for every family member and even laminating the autographs… They must be big fans. 😀 Hot-off-the-press autograph from Lee Seung Gi who’s living his military … Continue reading

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17.01.17 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

Actually, I’m not sure if this was from the 12th or today. But this fan got to attend the SWC New Year Concert, and she shared an autograph (with no message) on that day. Maybe her SWC connection got her a … Continue reading

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16.12.28 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

The Brigadier General of the 13th Brigade sent letters of appreciation to the acoustic band that performed in the year-end concert. The letters also included individualized autographs from SeungGi.

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16.12.29 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

I’m not sure when this was signed, but it was posted on IG today. SeungGi sshi~ When you’re discharged, you’ll surely hit daebak! 🕴🕴 Thank you for the autograph. 🙇🙇

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