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18.01.13 Lee Seung Gi Hwayugi Support Event by DCLSG

Because Hwayugi is on such a tight filming schedule, the fan support events have been very limited so far. So glad to see that the DCLSG fans are able to go all out for SeungGi’s birthday today! They prepared gifts, … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi Hwayugi Unreleased Photo?

SeungSunLove Cafe is holding a fan support event for Hwayugi today, and this photo surfaced. You can scroll the IG post for more photos from the event.

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Airen Book Cafe Project BTS Story – Lee Seung Gi

Sorry to take so long to translate this. It was a very long post, so I skipped a few parts and summarized the rest.

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DCLSG Surprise Fan Event Photo Summary

Seems that all the surprise fan events held in March were to restock the special Book Cafe Airens opened for SeungGi’s unit. 😛

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17.03.06 World Airen’s Surprise Fan Event

This surprise fan event was organized in celebration of the release of SeungGi’s special album. World Airen sent a care package that includes the special album, coffee capsules, and castella cakes to everyone in SeungGi’s unit yesterday. So the soldiers … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi Valentine’s Day 2017 Fan Event Photo Summary

These are the gifts DCLSG fans prepared for SeungGi and his comrades:

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2017 Valentine’s Day Gifts from DCLSG Fans

I think the person posting this might be a commissioned officer in SWC. DCLSG fans sent loads of chocolate/snacks to SeungGi for Valentine’s Day. The package just arrived today, and it looks like SeungGi has already distributed it among his … Continue reading

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Lee Seung Gi 31st Birthday Fan Event Photo Summary

These are birthday gifts prepared by DCLSG fans:

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Lee Seung Gi 12th Debut Anniversary Fan Event

This is a summary of the gift/support event organized by LSG Baidu Tieba fans: 16.06.05 is SeungGi’s 12th debut anniversary. Although this year’s anniversary occurs while he’s in the army, our support and love has not been affected at all. The official … Continue reading

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16.06.02 KBS Cheongju News – Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi Fans Donate Electric Fans to Low-income Families in Chungcheongbuk-do source: dclsg

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