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15.04.10 Fashion Party Interview Video – Lee Seung Gi

This is from OnStyle’s Yunkee TV. This episode talks about S/S shoe trends, and SeungGi (or “Yunkee’s good-looking close friend”) was the first one interviewed (starting at 1:13). The celebrity stylist started talking about an award he received, and SeungGi … Continue reading

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YAAS Clothing Sponsorship Photos – Lee Seung Gi

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TK2H Clothing Sponsorship Photo – Lee Seung Gi

Rag and Bone Shirt/Cardigan from Bleecker: credit: dimple, naver blog

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Prince Jae Ha’s Fashion Collection

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Lee Seung Gi – Ha Ha in Same Clothes, ‘Face’ Indeed More Important Than ‘Fashion’

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi Socks

*UPDATED* I wonder how many versions there are, but they are all soooo adorable!!! 😛

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SeungGi’s T-shirts/hat/backpack on 1N2D

*updated* Pancoat better be sponsoring these t-shirts, since they’re getting plenty of publicity from SeungGi wearing them on 1N2D. That cute POPPUFFER T-shirt SeungGi wore while picking corns was also from Pancoat. POPEYES BLOCK T-SHIRT (LIGHT YELLOW), 38,000 won

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Lee Seung Gi vs David Oh: Their bag of choice is?

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi’s choice of shoes in hot summertime?

The press must be getting bored. There is more than one article right now talking about SeungGi’s sandals. 😆

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Farmer SeungGi’s cute T-shirt on 1N2D

This t-shirt just looked too adorable on SeungGi. 😛

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