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17.12.18 Lee Seung Gi Jipsabu Filming BTS Group Photos 2

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Jipsabu PD “Lee Dae Ho Guested Because of Loyalty to Lee Seung Gi”

This is a really long article, so I’m just translating selectively.

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14.07.09 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Remember the baseball player Lee Dae Ho? He’s still playing baseball in Japan, but with a new team (Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks) this year. In a recent interview, he said he misses Korea, and he watches Korean dramas to cope with … Continue reading

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Lee Dae Ho, “Contacted by Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seung Gi, I couldn’t refuse.”

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

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Lee Dae Ho, gives his own National Team cap to Lee Seung Gi as gift on 1N2D

That was so sweet of him, and made SeungGi the fanboy so happy. 😆 source: maxmovie

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi, surprise meeting with Lee Dae Ho… Calling each other brother, displaying affection

These two really became close quickly, didn’t they? And SeungGi really looks like a little kid next to Lee Dae Ho. Totally adorable! 😀 source: mydaily

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‘Defense Fairy’ Lee Dae Ho “Lee Seung Gi, my favorite next to HoDong hyung” Shy greeting

Looks like Lee Dae Ho is a big fan of 1N2D. Even though he likes HoDong better than SeungGi, his wife is definitely a big fan of SeungGi! 😀 source: newsen

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10.12.12 1N2D cuts

Check out SeungGi’s cellphone ringtone! 😆

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1N2D Lee Seung Gi, successfully liaises with baseball player Lee Dae Ho through 114, Emperor-class casting

There are already lots of articles out. I think I’ll be busy for a while. 😆 source: newsen

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