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12.03.22 Captain Hook’s Tweet & MBC’s Promo

Captain Hook’s latest tweet: The very beloved JaeHa’s face makes everyone happy. The King is just beginning. Please show storm support. ㅎㅎ English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com This was on MBC’s homepage all day:

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12.03.09 Captain Hook’s Tweet

Finally, Captain Hook takes a break from getting votes for Star Audition to tweet about our prince: Oh! The weather got cold all of a sudden, so I sent a 5-item set to the filming set for Prince Jae Ha … Continue reading

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12.02.17 Captain Hook’s Tweet

Jae Ha His Highness is filming diligently in Jejudo right now. The drama filming set is very interesting and nice, and he’s enjoying it. It’s been so long since seeing him like this…ㅎㅎ In a little while, it’ll be time … Continue reading

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12.01.16 Captain Hook’s Photo Tweets


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11.12.06 @HOOKGJY Twitter Update

Winners of Captain Hook’s event will be announced tomorrow afternoon. I’m sorry for the delay due to ticket adjustment. ^^ English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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11.12.03-04 @HOOKGJY Twitter Update

*updated – 4 tweets* From Captain Hook at 10:47pm KST on Dec. 3: Right now, 2011 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert’s final stage of rehearsing is underway at the practice room in Mapo. Concert D-7, Captain Hook’s ticket event will … Continue reading

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11.11.26 @HOOKGJY Twitter Update

From Captain Hook: Practicing for the concert in the practice room in Mapo. We are all extremely touched by the late-night snacks sent by the fans. ㅎㅎ Eating a warm bowl of rice topped with eel at 11:30 o’clock at … Continue reading

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11.10.31 From Captain Hook

*updated – 5 tweets*

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11.10.22 From Captain Hook


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HOOKGJY (aka Rep Kwon)’s tweet #48

[This is a few days old already, but just to be complete… And for practice… ^^] Now, the first broadcast is coming up soon. Please have fun watching even if there is something lacking in DaeWoong’s acting. Cha DaeWoong’s acting … Continue reading

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