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Former Dongguk Student Shares Photos with Lee Seung Gi

This Taiwanese girl says she actually chose Dongguk University Department of Cultural Contents for her graduate studies because of SeungGi. The first time she saw him in person, she was surprised by how simply he dressed (khaki sportswear & old … Continue reading


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Throwback: 04.07.18 Lee Seung Gi on Brain Survivor

This was right after SeungGi debuted & he was still in high school. Back then, he didn’t have to worry about overshadowing fellow members. And he revealed that the WORST rank he had in school was #8. credit: seunggiairen

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Lee Seung Gi Dongguk University Student ID Card

Looks like Dongguk was using SeungGi to promote the functions of their Smart ID card.

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15.10.12 Dongguk U Event Group Photo – Lee Seung Gi

credit: lichecat

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15.10.12 Dongguk U Event Official Photos – Lee Seung Gi

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2013 Dongguk University Interview Video – Lee Seung Gi

This video was shown at a matriculation ceremony back in 2013. Someone shared a screen shot at that time, but the video has finally surfaced! SG: (DGU) helps me realize my dreams of performing, acting and studying. It’s strict but … Continue reading

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15.10.12 Dongguk U Event Photo – Lee Seung Gi

Looks like the anniversary event was filmed. Hopefully they’ll release the video soon! credit: kiss0rain via dclsg

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Dongguk U Cultural Contents Dept. Booklet – Lee Seung Gi

Someone in the same graduate school program shared this on dclsg. I think it’s a commemoration booklet for Department of Cultural Contents 10-year anniversary. The title of SeungGi’s interview is, “We should know what this generation’s public wants.”

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Dongguk University Department of Cultural Contents 10-Year Anniversary Relay Interview – Lee Seung Gi

credit: dongguk

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15.05.07 Graduate Student Lee Seung Gi

The person posting the picture did not say when this was taken, but SeungGi seemed to be wearing the same outfit as in the “selfie” posted on May 7th. “#LeeSeungGi Taking classes together at graduate school ㅋㅋㅋ” credit: ohhh_i

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