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‘Shall We Date?’ Novel Review by Lee Seung Gi

This was also published in the photo story book, and was overlooked until now. A big thanks to our lovely AnnMichelle for her translation!

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‘Shall We Date?’ Epilogue – Yoshimoto Banana

This was published in the photo story book, but for some reason, it had been overlooked until very recently when a Chinese translation surfaced. And AnnMichelle was kind enough to translate it into English for anyone who might be interested. … Continue reading

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A Conversation With Lee Seung Gi & Yoshimoto Banana

Many thanks to the hardworking AnnMichelle for bringing us another translation! 😀 This is the interview recently published in Hanako.

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October 2013 Diary of Yoshimoto Banana

A big thanks to AnnMichelle for translating these inside stories shared by Ms. Banana in her diary! (Please note that only parts directly related to Seung Gi were translated.)

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‘Shall We Date’ Lee Seung Gi Photo Story Book: HQ Cover Photo

credit: 55music via lsg_korea

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‘Shall We Date?’ Final Chapter – Yoshimoto Banana

It’s hard to believe that the novel has already come to an end. Many thanks to AnnMichelle for her beautiful translation of the entire series!

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‘Shall We Date?’ Chapter 6 – Yoshimoto Banana

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‘Shall We Date?’ Chapter 5 – Yoshimoto Banana

A special thanks to AnnMichelle for working hard even while on vacation! 😀

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‘Shall We Date?’ Chapter 4 – Yoshimoto Banana

A special thanks to our lovely and very dedicated AnnMichelle for her beautiful and eloquent translation as always! 😀

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‘Shall We Date?’ Chapter 3 – Yoshimoto Banana

Many thanks to AnnMichelle for her work-of-art translation! 😀

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