Japan Budokan

12.05.31 Welcoming SeungGi at Haneda Airport

12.06.01 Lee Seung Gi Japan First Live @ Budokan

I’ll post my live updates here so that I can skip a long fan account later: 😛


It’s 2pm JST, and I’m waiting in line for the merchandises. I was told that a lot of fans would start lining up early in the morning for the limited edition set. I guess I’m not a very dedicated fan, ’cause I didn’t feel like sacrificing my sleep for the merchandises. 😛 Anyway, I had a big lunch first to get ready for the big/long day ahead. I got here at about 1:30pm, and there were probably already 100-200 fans in line. So hopefully there will be some limited edition sets left for me. 😛

Like Hook tweeted, the final rehearsal is underway right now. We are waiting right outside Budokan, so we can actually hear a little bit of the rehearsal. I think I just heard ‘I’ll Give You All’. I guess the long wait won’t be too bad after all.

Aren’t We Friends
Time For Love, Japanese version


3pm JST

I got my concert ticket and it came with 2 TK2H posters! 😀


3:40pm Thunderstorm!

4:00pm it’s still raining, but I got my limited edition set!


6:10pm I’m inside Budokan! But my seat is too close to security! 😦



7:07pm concert started

Aren’t We Friends, Japanese version

Time For Love, Japanese version

SeungGi gave flowers to Japanese actress (?) who featured in Time For Love

Omg, SeungGi in a simple white shirt, singing Slave and Tonight, 10 feet in front of me!!!

Let’s break up

Words hard to say

I’ll give you all

Lee Seung Gi in Drama

Will you marry me

Losing my mind

SeungGi blew 2 kisses 😛

His white shirt is soaked wet!

I love you from now on

Love is crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daebak!



Hope and desire

I won’t love ( Baek Ji Young)


One more time

Crazy for you

Like a flower

An extra button on his shirt came undone when he was jumping, so he unintentionally showed some skin. 😛

Smile boy

Let’s go on vacation


Aren’t we friends, Korean

SeungGi is very close to crying while thanking everyone

Because you’re my woman

9:23pm concert ended

SeungGi blew one more kiss before he left.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    forever LEE SUENG GI………..

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