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I was getting slightly bored and was looking for something to do. Then this idea came to me. I don’t mean to complain, but I’ve been answering a lot of similar questions time after time, and I’m actually a pretty lazy person who doesn’t like to repeat herself. So from now on, please leave all your questions (related to SeungGi, of course) on this page. If it could be of interest to other Airens, I’ll post the answer under ‘FAQ’.


Q1: Where can I watch/download English subbed 1N2D episodes?

A: You can find the episode list with streaming/download links on 1n2dfansubs.

Q2: Where can I watch/download English subbed Strong Heart episodes?

A: You can try Strong Heart Forum or viikii.

Q3: Why is SeungGi called HeoDang?

A: (courtesy of K4Ice4Thu) ‘Heodang’ is loosely translated as ‘empty-headed’. Seung Gi, though very very smart, tends to say things randomly w/o thinking that are: funny, don’t make much sense, or ask questions with very obvious answers lolols. Kim C gave the nickname to Seung Gi way back when on 1n2D.

Q4: SeungGi’s family photos?

A: From various sources:

Q5: How can I mail my love letter [or anything else] to SeungGi? 😉

A: You can send it to Hook Entertainment.

Q6: How can I contact Hook Entertainment?

A: 서울 강남구 도산대로81길 49
49, Dosan-daero 81-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06010, REP. OF KOREA

Phone #: 02-549-9022

Q7: How can I register on leeseunggi.com?

A: Please refer to the registration guide for detailed instructions. A regular membership allows you access to everything on the official homepage except Airen Zone.

Q8: How can I become an official Airen?

A: The official fan club is only open for new membership, which requires a fee, at the beginning of each year. Only the official members can access Airen Zone.


493 Responses to Q & A

  1. Tishi says:

    Oooh! Nice feature Tryp! Another reason to stalk your blog each day. I do have a question I’ve been meaning to ask. Is Seung-gi’s sister really named Seo-hyun? I read it in a blog somewhere but I can’t find it now. I’ll try to look for it if time permits, but yeah, that’s my question. Just want to know if it’s true.

    • tryp96 says:

      SeungGi called home during the Baekdusan trip, and I think that was the only time he said his sister’s name. But I don’t remember what it was. I’ll let you know later if I can figure it out. 😛

      • Tishi says:

        The trip was mentioned in that blog I read. I presume it’s the original uncut episode? I can’t remember that call. Or maybe I missed it. But thank you so much! =) I do appreciate you doing this. =)

      • ay says:

        I think it is 瑞賢. It was not in the original show. They showed clips that were edited out of the original show later on and it was in this show that they showed Seung gi calling home. I watched it on Youku, so it is a Chinese translation. Don’t know what the Korean name is,

        • tryp96 says:

          Yes, they aired a recap of the Baekdusan trip for the Chuseok Special. I watched that clip of SeungGi calling home again, I think his sister’s name could be SeoHyun or SeoYoung, but I’m not very sure. 😛

      • deyani says:

        Tishi, I re-watched the episode again (it was the Chuseok 2008 Baekdusan special episode) – I I think your right. I don’t know how to write her name, but it’s either Seo Hyun or ?Soo Yeon?
        As I was bored, I decided to upload the part when Seung Gi called his sister on YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOLBdO1vRwk

        Tryp, the Q & A feature is a great idea! =)

        • applebumblebee10 says:

          Could someone kindly explain what did Seung gi say throughout the 19 seconds clip? Million thanks!

      • jn91 says:

        Wow, I always wonder if Seunggi have siblings, so his family is consist of father, mother, himself and a younger sister? Or is there another sibling? I always wanna ask, hehehe.

        Btw, Tryp, this page is so wonderful, now we can go to this page for getting answer with our questions, very great ❤ ! Thanks for creating this page! 🙂

      • gloss says:

        oooh thanks for the youtube link deyani. what was the call about though cos i dont understand korean.. did he say sth silly judging by the music played at the end? haha.

      • nana24 says:

        thanks deyany for the vid..
        i think her name is Seo eun / Soo Eun / Soo Heun (서은 / 소은 / 소흔 ) maybe..
        i repeat the vid again and again .. and thats what i can hear.. hee
        but i amn’t very sure … hope its help ..^^

  2. Kaoru says:

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, pls delete if inappropriate.

    Whenever someone ask where they can get Strong Heart with English subbed, they always give link to Strong Heart Forum, but I never able to open this forum. It always say “This webpage is not available.”

    Did this forum still still active nowadays? Or are there any other reason?

    Thanx before.

    • tryp96 says:

      I used to be a translator for that forum, but I hadn’t been there in a long time. I just logged in and checked. The forum is still open, you do need to register first. However, it doesn’t seem to be very active right now, most likely because they’re short-staffed. But the forum should still be somewhat useful for those who are looking for the old episodes.

      • Anonymous says:

        His sister’s name is 서현 (SeoHyun)

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, I got open and register in that forum, but the episode is not complete.. I want to find the SH episode 43 and 44 with English subs but unable to find it anywhere.. hehehe maybe u know where to get it? ^^ thanks in advance..

  3. seunggicharm says:

    waaah..this is so cool tryp!everything you post here sure does capture our interests..many thanks to you!^_^

  4. airen zu says:

    yeay!!..i love this, thanks Tryp..since i’m a new airen, there’s a whole bunch of questions im curious about..as Tishi mentioned bout seunggi’s sister, i always want to know bout his family..did seunggi ever posted his family photos or is there any photos of them posted by fans?. bet his family members are as good looking as seunggi..hehe:p

    • airenzu says:

      uwahh thanks so much for the photos tryp..now i know from where seunggi got his good look,,hehe:p

  5. yeobo says:

    yey!!! Im happy that you came up with this idea because while reading comments everyday, I do agree with you that questions were repeatedly asked of you which for me is so bothersome (no offense meant by that) and to think that you are so busy with your work and your personal life, plus updating this blog. Also, sometimes I do have questions that I want to ask but I couldn’t because I was too shy to bother you and sometimes not related to the recent post, thus, Im keeping it for myself and eventually finding answers when randomly surfing. But it always makes me anxious… Thank you very much tryp!! Your such an angel.. 🙂 (wanna hug you!!)

  6. jn91 says:

    Hi, tryp, I just wanna help other Airens who want to watch 1N2D, but if you feel this is unnecessary you can delete it. I first find 1N2D old episodes at 1N2Dfansub.wordpress, but some of them are not available for streaming, especially streaming at youtube, and some of us sometimes has connection problem if streaming at other site besides youtube, so I recommend this page, this page was very helpful for me searching the 1N2D old episodes. This is the links: http://www.facebook.com/twodaysonenight, hope it help others. 🙂

  7. Tishi says:

    Deyani! Thank you so much for the link! And guys, thanks for answering my question. Tryp, this page is really helpful =)

  8. Ezaty says:

    Hello Tryp. I’ve been meaning to ask this. Am I considered to be an official Airen if I have completed my registration at SeungGi’s official website?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi tryp!
    I wonder if you or any other Airen could help me with two Seung Gi the Singer related questions that I haven’t been able to figure out without Korean resources.

    In that 7th Debut Anniversary fan video compiling some of his variety singing, what is the title of the fourth song?
    Because You’re My Woman
    There’s Only You For Me
    My Love
    Everything I Do
    Shape Of Your Lips
    Desire and Love
    Love Taught Me To Drink
    A Bird Flown Away Over a Cuckoo Nest
    Can I Love You
    Addicted Love

    Second, are there any English songs other than the ones listed below that he has sung before?
    Now and Forever
    Everything I Do
    Can’t Help Falling In Love
    I Was Born To Love You

    Much thanks!

    • tryp96 says:

      I don’t know the answer to your first question, since the only Korean songs I listen to are SeungGi’s. 😛

      As for the second question, the only song I can think of right now is Livin’ La Vida Loca.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks anyway! I’m not really interested in Kpop (ie idols), but the Korean songs Seung-gi has covered during his variety appearances and remakes are interesting just because he’s sung them. Also, I like some of the older Korean singers featured as background music during 1N2D.

        As for Living’ La Vida Loca…I think I had blocked that from memory. ;P

    • tryp96 says:

      Oh, and SeungGi also sang ‘Shape of My Heart’ at his first concert.

    • Anonymous says:

      ? = 봄날 (Bon Mal) from the Spring Days OST

      • Tishi says:

        Are you asking what this means in English? It’s literally “Spring Days” I think. “bom” is spring and “nal” is day. Although did Seung-gi sing for that OST?

    • alexdhamp says:

      Seung Gi covered “Everything I Do”!! I know this is an old comment…but can someone give me a link to LSG’s rendition of this song?! Please?

  10. ashiya says:

    whoa. I just knew that seunggi oppa have ever sung everything i do and can’t help falling in love.
    do you have the mp3 file to download, tryp unnie?

  11. Tomato says:

    Hi Tryp, thanks so much for your hardworking to update everything about Seunggi everyday, you’re truly a very very very genuine Airen !!!
    Can I ask you a question? Do you know all Seunggi’s songs? I remember in your post about Seunggi and Peongchang, it said that Seunggi had sung 177 songs (don’t know it’s true or not) but I’ve just listened, maybe, a half of them. I don’t know Korean, so I can’t find the rest. If you know, can you share them for Airens who are new or who doesn’t know like me? We will appreciate so much. Why don’t you make a conner about all Seunggi’s songs like this Q&A conner? (It’s just a suggestion, you don’t need to do if you don’t want).
    Wish all best for you, be healthy and always happy ^-^

  12. macbonie says:

    Hi Tryp,
    Sorry to bother you but I don’t know where else to ask this. Do u know if Seung Gi will be holding his concert in Seoul this year? I have blocked my leave but I hope he’ll announce the exact dates soon. More importantly, do you know how can I purchase the tickets? Seeing the tickets to his fanmeets get sold out in minutes makes me worried that I will not be able to get them fast enough since I don’t know Korean.
    Thanks lots!

  13. miche_tan says:

    hi tryp can i ask? , i’m just curios .. what is your nationality? , where u from?

  14. ata says:

    Hi Tryp… may i ask, i think i missed the episode of 1N2D when Seung Gi and Lee Suguen left behind this is when Seunggi carry fin for swim.. any idea what episode?

    Thank you

  15. marj says:

    Ms Tryp, may i ask if you are planning to make a post on your experience at the Airen Summer Camp? or have missed it already? sorry to ask..i have not been able to access the net for a few weeks and am just wondering if it was already posted..thanx in advance..

    • tryp96 says:

      No, you haven’t missed it. I’ve been procrastinating. 😛

      • marj says:

        oh..i hope you’ll get the sudden inspiration to write it already..i’m pretty sure soooo many international fans of seung gi and avid followers of your blog would love to read about your adventures in the camp already.. reading it would be the next best thing to being actually be there..please..for those other fans who are also waiting for the Airen camp post please leave your encouraging words for Ms. Tryp..

  16. Tishi says:

    I’m a bit curious about Teacher Sunhee. Is she married and does she have kids? If she does, I hope they get her singing skills!

  17. marj says:

    Ms. Yon’s version of the events would be great to read too…

  18. cat says:

    Hi Tryp, I am very new here. I been wanting to buy Gumiho’s DVD with directors cuts, interviews etc. The only place i know is from YesAsia which is Eng subs. Is it only the Jap version has got all the goodies? the ones at YesAsia is it good. I am ok if it with Eng or Chinese subs, can you recommend me any place to buy DVD.
    I also planned to visit Korea & hope to able catch Seung Gi’s concert this year. Please post once you hv any news about the how & when to buy the tickets. I a newbie in this. Never dream I wanted to attend anybody concert in their home country. I must be 疯了,lol

    • tryp96 says:

      Well, you’re in good company, ’cause many of us here are losing ours minds over SeungGi. 😆

      About the MGIG DVD, the Japanese version definitely has more goodies, but it is also much more expensive and it only has Japanese subtitle. The director’s cut version available on yesasia is decent for the price, even though fans tried unsuccessfully to boycott it. There is a Taiwan version with Chinese subs, but I suspect that they did not include much goodies. 😛

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Just want to add that the Japanese MGIG DVD has English subtitles in the drama part; the bonus materials such as behind the scene stuff and interviews do not have any subtitles. LSGfan at lsgfan.wordpress.com has done a great fan service by providing English subbed clip of SG’s interview (China Cafe has a Chinese translated version based on LSGfan’s). English subbed SMA’s interview might be coming too.

      • Cat says:

        Thanks Tryp96 & AnnMichelle.
        I will be coming in here daily, cos I also go into Baidu, but my Chinese is not strong, so a bit difficult for me. Since AnnMichelle say the Jap version has eng subs, i will consider it (though will hv to go search for it,hehe). Now my wish is that the Jap version of concert DVD has got eng subs too. i praying for this!

        • tryp96 says:

          I think AnnMichelle was also talking about the director’s cut version when she said the DVD had English subs. As far as I know, the Japanese version does NOT have English subs.

  19. angel says:

    hello 🙂 is Strong Heart really going to end soon? i’ve just read an article at dramabeans. When is it going to end?

    • tryp96 says:

      I don’t think there’s any plan of ending Strong Heart anytime soon (even though some fans are hoping that SeungGi would quit the show to focus on other things). I checked dramabeans, but couldn’t find the article you mentioned. Could you post the link here?

      • airenyamyam says:

        hmm…excuse me for making myself reply here.. maybe Ms. Angel had misunderstood what dramabeans had said in their latest post called Variety Roulette? The first words there pertains to 1N2D ending soon right? Which kinda not good because they were only starting to recap the show… Am I right? 🙂

      • kaja_lsg says:

        aw i can’t still understand what “1n2d ending soon” means there.. anyway here’s the link: http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/09/variety-roulette-strong-heart/

        • tryp96 says:

          Did you by any chance miss the news that 1N2D would be ending in February of next year? So that’s what they were talking about on dramabeans. Strong Heart, though, has no plan of ending the show yet.

      • kaja_lsg says:

        aw im so sorry…i’ve misunderstood it bigtime XD. i was out of my mind a while ago sorry XD.. now it’s clear haha thankyou! 🙂

  20. AnnMichelle says:

    Sorry, what I said earlier about MGIG DVD, it’s the director’s cut version.

  21. kaja_lsg says:

    hello 🙂 do you know where can i find eng subbed and complete episodes of Famous Princesses? thankyou 🙂

  22. choelyn lee says:

    Hi tryp! ^^ I just found a video of seung gi dancing : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNHVJENamT4&feature=related Do you have any idea about when and why he danced this? 🙂

  23. Diaz says:

    Hi, Tryp 🙂

    i want to ask about Lee Seung Gi religion. .
    So far I’ve been searching for to complete his profile in my collections. .but no one mention it. .

    Thx 🙂

  24. Tishi says:

    Hey, Tryp! Does Seung-gi have a photobook? I mean apart from the Hope DVD Japan edition freebie. I scoured some online shops and come up none, so I thought you’d know if he does. Also, Seung-gi once guested in Knee-drop guru right? Or a surprise guest when Teacher Sun-hee guested there?

  25. llchua says:

    Hi Tryp,

    Can I ask you when will LSG hope concert DVD release in korea? Or i have already release in korea. I actually from singapore does LSG have a fanclub in SG?

  26. Anonymous says:

    is this twitter account legit? http://twitter.com/#!/Seunggi_87

  27. OMO! says:

    Hi, I read it from somewhere but dunno if this is true. Is there an episode inn 1n2d where they go to their houses? Please. I want to know it. Thanks and more power Tryp! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      as far as i remember there was no particular 1n2d episode where they especially showed the member’s houses although you can probably see bits of the members houses in different 1n2d episodes. For example the 1st episode of the 3part epi for exploring Korea’s coastal towns, seunggi’s dressing room in his apartment was shown. He was shown preparing and folding his clothes for the 2nights and 3days trip…

  28. Anonymous says:

    Where can I buy photos of Lee Seung Gi in Singapore?

  29. Anonymous says:

    hello Tryp, can i still order Seunggi’s Hope COncert DVD? from what site? 🙂 thankyou

  30. trish says:


    I think I posted this question recently but I am not sure if it went through….pardon me for asking this again…I tried to join leeseunggi.com but I don’t have a phone number in Korea. There is an error message written in Korean which I can’t understand. Do we have to have a phone number in Korea to join membership at Seung Gi’s official website? Thanks so much!

  31. ayu says:

    Dear Tryp,
    I would like to ask you about Kang Shim Jang “Strong Heart” and 1 night 2 days related to Lee Seung Gi prince’s schedule.
    On what day he does shooting for Kang Shim Jang? And on what day he does shootng for 1 night 2 days?

    I am about to go to Seoul on next year, and I really really want to see him in person. I will be going with my friends and they also want to see another Korean Celebs (yeah we are Korean addicted). Is there are any possibility for foreigner to join Kang Shim Jang show? Are there any tickets we need so that we can join the show? Can I see him on SBS office or KBS office or Hook Entertainment office? Really ned your info.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Ayu – Indonesian Airens

    • tryp96 says:

      You can check out the “LSG Schedule” page for the dates of Strong Heart and 1N2D recordings. I don’t know how you can get into the Strong Heart recordings; you probably need some kind of connection to score tickets. But I know some international fans just wait outside of the studio hoping to get in. And I don’t think you can just go to SBS, KBS or Hook’s offices to see him.

  32. Linda says:

    Hi, It’s my first question.We know clearly Lee seung gi’s song is good. And he is also popular. But why don’t he join Mnet music award in Singapore? I’m waiting for Lee seung gi. It’s so hopeless when I can’t see his name on the list. I so wonder why?
    Thanks in advance!

  33. BooLyana says:

    I have tonnes of questions to ask. At last, I found a place to ask. I am Lyana from Malaysia. I want to know how I can get Seung Gi Tonight album? Is there any shops here in Malaysia that sell his album? I really want the album but I’m having problem. Next question is, I want to register at leeseunggi.com but they ask for ID copy. Am I need to copy my I/C and give it to them? THANK YOU !!! AIREN FOREVER ! 🙂

    • tryp96 says:

      I don’t know if there are any shops in Malaysia that sell SeungGi’s albums, but you can buy them online, from sites like YesAsia.

      To register at leeseunggi.com, you can either scan your ID or take a picture of it, and send it by email.

  34. Anonymous says:

    If we were to sent letter to the address given for Seung Gi , will he be able to read or at least receive it. This addres is it belong to Hook entertainment.
    Just Need to be sure….

  35. OMO! says:

    Hello Airens!
    I’m an Airen also from Philippines. XCan I ask where can I watch this scene from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NaXypU4Kh0&feature=related from 2:14-2:39? Please answer. Gomawoyo! Saranghae SeungGi Oppa! Hwaiting!

  36. wkwk says:

    hello tryp, this is my first question ..
    until now, how many total sales of his 5th album “TONIGHT” ?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Please you can share star date program with Seunggi on KBS. My sister said she watched program Star Date have Seunggi. You please share it on here, pl pl pl pl. Thanks Tryp very very very much

    • tryp96 says:

      Was it a new clip? What was the interview about? SeungGi has been on Star Date several times, and those videos have been posted before. If it’s a new one though, sorry, I haven’t seen anything online. And I don’t even have a computer to record KBSWorld programs right now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks Tryp about all things for you do. Please we’re always love Seunggi ^_^. Seunggi is the best?

  38. kim1317 says:

    Hi Tryp & all our lovely Airens
    Because I can’t make it to the concert so my cousins had surprise me with Christmas presents including Lee Seung Gi 2010 concert, Tonight 5th album and especially…… Custom made 2012 calendar for me ( yep my whole family know I love Seung Gi). Anyway the calendar is in A4 and I think their did a good job on it. So yeah if anyone like i can send Tryp a soft copy to load up and anyone who didn’t get to buy Seung Gi 2012 calendar can print one out. Just a suggestion let me know if u do want it 🙂

    Sorry I didnt know where to post this comment so I just post it here.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hi tryp I just want to say that Netflix just recently add Seung Gi’s My Girlfriend is a Gumiho on their romantic movies. 🙂

  40. hi,tryp…how can i join leeseunggi’s offical website
    i can’t register!!! TT

  41. hi,Tryp!!I I want to register leeseunggi.com as a member,but they call me to put ID should i put real or not real???

  42. Anonymous says:

    dear tryp96 : when i write to lee seung gi on his official site (to seung gi) does he really read it

  43. Ayu says:

    Hi tryp,
    Do you know what 1 night 2 days is it..? i can not paste the photo thats why i paste the link :
    i would like to see him in that cap. ADORABLE!
    Thank you 🙂

  44. Ling says:

    Hi Tryp,

    May I know where I can purchase the concert tickets to Lee Seung Gi’s 2012 Concert in Japan on 1 Jun 12?

    Thanks very much in advance!

  45. Nowzah says:

    Hi there, how do i contact rachel. im not the offficial fan, but currently im studying in UK. and hopefully i can join the fan event for the torch relay. thanks tryp:)

  46. Rensha says:

    hi tryp ^^
    thank you you so much for u’r effort to share info all about Mr. Lee 🙂
    can I ask you one thing??
    How can I register to leeseunggi.com as an official member ?? they always said my e-mail is invalid.. help me please..
    thank you tryp 🙂

    • tryp96 says:

      Sorry, I didn’t run into that problem, so I’m not sure how to help you troubleshoot. Did you use your real name and email address?

  47. seungifan says:

    i wanted to go see him carrying the torch at manchester. i wanted to know the details… if you would kindly tell me

  48. judepps says:

    tryp Iv’e been dying to asked you this a long time ago but im too hesitant to ask … im curious to know in what outdoor event this was? I remember your the one who got the right answer from Bee’s trivia during our Soompi days. i guess you can help me with this.. if you have any links for this event hope you can share.. im dying to see this old clip if u had.. thanks..
    here’s the wallpaper pic its from haart vietnam airen

    • tryp96 says:

      Sorry, I lost all my files on my desktop last year when it crashed. So I don’t have anything to share. But based on the picture background, I think it was a public event sponsored by Mr. Pizza back in 2008.

      • jude says:

        sorry to hear you that you’ve lost your file:( I’ve been digging old clips of Seunggi and i haven’t seen this one that’s why..kekeke anyways its ok tryp at least i knew the event now.. can i have another question? does Seunggi perform “Long Day” live ever?? when i searched on net haven’t found one. IN one radio show he almost performed it yet he changed it to Digger Bee. Love his rendition of Long day (from original artist Lee Seung Chul)

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hi tryp,is it true that fans are restricted to watch/see Seung Gi in manchester for his torch relay?

  50. hanjiya says:

    hei do u know the title of song at official web lee seung gi?

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