13.04.24 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Gu Family Book, fighting! Choi Kang Chi, fighting! Lee Seung Gi, fighting!

13.04.23 AGB Nielsen ratings:

#5 MBC Gu Family Book 15.8% (Seoul 18.3%, #4)
#6 KBS God of the Workplace 14.6% (Seoul 13.9%, #6)
SBS Jang Ok Jung 7.5% not in top 20

13.04.23 TNS ratings:

#5 MBC Gu Family Book 14.2% (Seoul 16.5%, #4)
#7 KBS God of the Workplace 13.2% (Seoul 14.6%, #6)
#20 SBS Jang Ok Jung 8.3% (Seoul 9.7%, #12)

AGB Nielsen rating graph for Seoul

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24 Responses to 13.04.24 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. foulou says:

    All aboard the KC-CJ ship!


    • Mich says:

      Then are you going down with that ship when it hits an iceberg or you’re gonna jump to our KC-YW ship by that time? LOL
      All jokes aside, congrats to GFB casts and crews!!

      • foulou says:

        The only way the ship will sink is if the writer is gonna pull another stupid illogical makjang plot device.

        I can just see it coming. Cung Jo is Seo Hwa incarnate. Everything that has happened to Seo Hwa is now happening to Chung Jo. Dear writer, have you got no creativity? Both came from rich families. Both had fathers framed for treason. Both had their fathers killed in front of their eyes by the same villain. Both had their brothers tortured. Both got a forehead kiss from a gumiho. Both ended up being sold as a gisaeng. Both got the same background music.

        We can see it coming from a mile away that CJ will end up to the same gisaeng house that SH went to. Don’t tell me CJ is gonna pull another Seo Hwa on us? Might as well re-run the first 2 episodes and just photoshop KC and CJ heads on there if that’s the case.

        • bella says:

          Yeah, the writer is really not creative there. I’m so in love with Chung Jo, she the type of smart & brave girl that know what is good for the bigger cause, not thinking about her own happiness or safety at all. Seriously, I really dont know how KC will stop loving her unless she dies, hix, dont want that. I dont see how KC can ever love YW after all this, I rather KC stays single in the end.

        • sarah says:

          I see ur point… but I just love KangChi and just close my brain on the story flaws… ;0

        • randam says:

          lol you must really hate suzy.. i always saw you complaining about her character in soompi, netizen buzz , even here…

    • AnnMichelle says:

      I feel the affection between them is more like that of a brotherly (sisterly) nature. When CJ looked up at KC with teary eyes, she’s just like a kid sister who had a bad fall looking for comforting words and assurance. The vibes from KC are all protection too. Compare that with KC folding (for the lack of a better word) YW on the ground…I sensed some sexual tension there.

      • foulou says:

        How is it sexual when one party doesn’t know it’s a woman he’s holding? Obviously KC isn’t thinking of anything sexual to either of them, and his feelings for CJ is sincere enough. LOL at brotherly/sisterly nature. Isn’t it still clear by now that KC and CJ have feelings for each other? Really? Brotherly/sisterly? Obviously you won’t get cold feet before a wedding because of someone you think of as a brother, nor would you convince your madame that your feelings are sincere if it’s only for a sisterly love. I mean, come on now.

  2. Muljen says:

    The first thing i do after waking up is to check rating. I’m so happy. Hope the rating keep going up up and up. Kang Chi ya fightinggg!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Go for 20 then 30 then 40 then we can hear our Kang Chi sings their OST!! Fighting Gu Family Book! 🙂

  4. Melissa Tam says:

    I thought the rating drop… I am happy about today’s rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to see his new gumiho face..

  5. Airmost says:

    Woot! GO GFB!! The charts are too misleading. I thought today’s episode was amazing yet it seemed like it dropped based on the charts. Glad the charts were wrong! GO 40%!! Hwaiting!!

  6. mel says:

    Awesome! 🙂 Excited for next week.

  7. dee says:

    happy to see this..seunggi-ah fighting!all d cast fighting!hope it can reach the highest so we can see seunggi ‘kang chi’ sing OST..for the story,even chung jo is a nice girl, but i really like kang chi&yeo wool moment..since we all see that kang chi love chung jo..i wonder how kang chi realize his love for yeo wool&struggle to become human..¿?when will&how can they falling in love each other..will KangChi&YeoWool happy together..can’t wait till that moment.. ^^

  8. layman says:

    Congrats to Gu Family Book cast & crews, especially the Writer & PD. GFB really greats!!! i think korea drama indutry will change very soon because of you guys.Hopefully the Rating keep going up and up

  9. ritz says:

    phewww…i kept my fingers crossed al d tym…:-)

  10. Jennifer says:

    This episode was simply DAEBAK. I was moved by master Park’s love for Kang Chi n cried at his death. Seung Gi’s acting was flawless n so natural. I really his his gumiho look, especially the green eyes. His dad had scary red eyes…but he looks so exotic n HOT like a Persian cat. Can’t wait for next Monday to arrive as I m dying to find out how Kang Chi cope with his true identity . GFB fighting!

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