Gu Family Book Ep 9 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

I will never avoid you!

Dam Pyeong Joon lets Kang Chi and Tae Seo into MooHyungDoGwan [Intangible Martial Arts School], and Kang Chi works hard in order to become an official student. Jo Gwan Woong questions the property inventory of 100 Years Inn, and searches for the whereabouts of a secret storage with a stash of money.

Meanwhile, Lee Soon Shin and Dam Pyeong Joon plan to take out 5000 nyang of silver behind Jo Gwan Woong’s back. Kang Chi also secretly visits 100 Years Inn…

source: imbc
English translation:
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9 Responses to Gu Family Book Ep 9 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    ?????? How did kang chi survive tae seo’s stab???

  2. geese says:

    lets wait till monday whats the catch behind the stabbing…

  3. i want not to give a spoiler but if you have watched the entertaiment news(dont remember wich one ),i think you get the answer

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  5. judepps says:

    like others im curious to know too how did Kang Chi survived that last episode stab from Tae Soo..Is the stabbing scene only happened in Tae Soo’s dream? that’s why we saw in the preview that KC is well. hehehe nway, im just guessing..hahaha…Can’t wait for monday to come..

  6. sunnnybee says:

    Was it a dream, or removing the bracelet for a little allowing KangChi to heal fast.

  7. sashimidou says:

    Haha… the gold is really behind his back.

  8. thida says:

    Suzy fighting

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