4 Responses to 14.08.24 Lee Seung Gi Airen 6 Fan Meeting Fan Accounts

  1. LSGi fan says:

    more than fanpics or fancam i prefer fan accounts because it is described in such a sweet way. cant help smile while reading this. so touching. when will i get to meet this handsome man.

  2. omuraiisu says:

    “Seung Gi said that when he was in a down mood, he would read fan posts and gained strength from them.”

    ..and when I were in a down mood, I’d read your message, your interview, your words and gained strength from it.. from you, thank you for everything SeungGi-ah.. โค

    Thanks for translate and share this sweet fan accounts..

  3. Oh, oppa Lee Seung Gy is really very Lovely. I very like His Eyes, Eyes show very Romance.Atractive. His voice is very Warm.Sweet.Romance, and his songs also are very Sweet. Every I am tired in life, I often hear Songs of Seung Gy, lyrics is very Sweet.Deep.Warm.Romance. Oi, I often think A Man is rarely think deeply. I am really very emotional, when know Every Seung gy sad, Seung Gy read Mail of Fan. Face.Height.Voice.Eyes are very Standard. Oppa Lee Seung Gy not sad, oppa very lucky has many smart marks. Life can not have All Things agree with us. Have Oppa Fun

  4. yuly pradines says:

    Lee seung gi eres tan dulce , encantador
    Pero sobretodo un gran artista por eso nosotras tus fans te amamos ,,,saludos desde chile

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