The Saem Special – Lee Seung Gi




credit: naver blog

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5 Responses to The Saem Special – Lee Seung Gi

  1. yeah I saw this 🙂 Bought 5 coupons hehehe…..

  2. To me, Lee Seung Gi’s eyes look softer and more natural than Uee’s and he is the guy!! 😉

    For a guy, his complexion is so good, that it rivals even some of the best-looking complexion of many Korean actresses/singers. No wonder he has been signed up as the model for this brand even though it is really rare to sign up a male model for a cosmetics/skincare line especially considering there are so many good-looking female Korean actresses/singers to choose from.

    So, I will really sound like a broken record with this but what can Lee Seung Gi NOT do??!! 😉
    Way to go, Lee Seung Gi! 😉

    • Sarah says:

      soo Agree with you Kay..!^^ I think the same way with Uee.. dont get me wrong its just that.. for me, Lee Seung Gi`s features is really natural.. compared to other flower boys in Sk.. which is one of the reason I LOVE him.. and really can feel his warm gaze though you know he´s portraying that role because of advertising.. ^^

      • I know what you mean exactly, Sarah! Even though we know that he is just acting a part for the product he is representing (and being paid to do so), we can sense his sincerity and honesty because he is just that – sincere and honest – and those qualities shine through his every action. 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m hoping to see that hairstyle again. Fits him really well. 🙂

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