11.12.28 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

An anonymous fan wants to know if kimchi at Lee Seung Gi’s house is good by allkpop

Lee Seung Gi’s Witty Acceptance Speech by in2kpop


I was scrolling through the articles, and this caught my attention. 😛

A broadcast official recently tipped off OSEN that “Out of the current 1N2D members, Lee Seung Gi 100% will not be going into Season 2. The other members are still negotiating with Choi PD.”

source: osen via nate


Rumors of Lee Seung Gi’s solo talk show abound while SBS denies by kpopfever

Seems like there has been a lot of breaking news, back and forth, on a certain SBS variety show rumored for SeungGi. I’ll try to catch up soon. 😛


Lee Seung Gi Isn′t Perfect? by enewsworld
Lee Seung Gi wins the ‘Strong Heart’ self-awarded ‘Extemporaneous Award’ by kpopfever


11.12.27 Nielsen ratings: #14 Strong Heart 10.9 (Seoul 12.6)

11.12.27 TNS ratings: #18 Strong Heart 9.2 (Seoul 11.0)

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6 Responses to 11.12.28 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. It’s not true that he’s doing a new show yet. KBS released articles that he was going to SBS to start a new show with Shin PD from 1N2D. But SBS and Hook have released a joint statement saying it’s not confirmed and Seung gi has only received an “offer” to do this programme. Nothing is confirmed

    • tryp96 says:

      This is just unbelievable. What makes the retarded and good-for-nothing KBS think that SBS needs their help in the PR department? Unless they’re just trying to stir up unnecessary trouble for SeungGi, like they always do, because SeungGi doesn’t want to work for KBS anymore?

      • People are saying KBS are trying to do this to keep hold of Seung gi. But it seems they are doing it the wrong way 🙂

        • jude says:

          if they really mean & want the person to stay they should have not be doing this kind of move… which i think is a foul move.. Instead of making SG’s loyalty solid/ firm to them.
          It came out more like they (KBS) is desperate enough & willing to do beyond as low as this kind of thing just to hold on to Seunggi..
          Yay! KBS people, what do you think are you doing???

  2. Gen Wong says:

    What a year it has been for Seunggi! But I believe this is his best year yet, the year when he shone the most. His already very impressive resume became even more impressive when he was able to prove once again, that he can do anything…and do a really good job at it! Hosting Strong Heart alone was the biggest challenge, and he nailed it! He became even better in 1n2d after Hodong left. If ever the new show will push through, I will excitedly anticipate it, because I know Seunggi really chooses the shows and dramas he does.

  3. Mickuan says:

    I think KBS is trying to get the viewers to object Seung gi from leaving 2D1N so that he will stay for season 2. KBS has used this strategy in the beginning of the 2011. I really anti KBS now as they are just acting like a gangster!!!!
    Hook Entertainment did a good job this time to quickly come up with the statement saying that it is not confirmed. I think Hook has started to act smart after the KBS Entertainment Award incident!!

    Mr Lee, Airens will support and love you anywhere you go!!! Choose the one which is good for you! Fighting!!

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