12.01.09 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

The Saem, the subsidiary that revives its parent company

This article actually came out last month, and a dclsg fan shared it a few days ago. I kind of forgot about it until I saw the new wallpapers. 😛 The article is a little too technical for me to translate, but it’s basically saying The Saem has been doing so well that its sales has exceeded that of its parent company, Hankook Cosmetics. The Saem already has 94 stores and continues to expand healthily. It’s also being sold in Japan through the home-shopping network QVC.

According to the Chinese fans, The Saem has just opened its first shop in Hong Kong today (January 9).


‘1 Night, 2 Days’ Scores Whopping 29.8% by enewsworld


12.01.08 1N2D average rating: 29.8% (Nielsen)

12.01.08 1N2D peak rating: 35.8% during the self-introduction part of the strawberry game


12.01.08 Nielsen ratings: #3 Happy Sunday 20.5 (Seoul 21.1); #9 1N2D Rerun 12.9 (Seoul 13.9)

12.01.08 TNS ratings: #3 Happy Sunday 20.0 (Seoul 21.4); #9 1N2D Rerun 11.9 (Seoul 13.1)

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19 Responses to 12.01.09 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. diahaksaeng says:

    wow…daebak. i really2 like best friend special…i think this ep is much better than actreess and supporting actor special.

  2. geeze says:

    guys so nice….i am really expecting the ratings will really go high…
    but tuduo is not working please tryp96 if you have spare time…please upload the HD vimeo link faster…
    if you just have spare time….
    thanks in advance….

    • tryp96 says:

      Sorry, how fast I can post the vimeo link depends on quite a few things that are out of my control:
      1. how soon the HD torrent file is made available
      2. how fast the HD torrent file can be downloaded
      3. how fast the HD file can be uploaded to Vimeo
      4. how fast Vimeo can process the HD file

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow congrats to 1n2d! they haven’t have rating in the 30s for a while. also, u can tell the friends r much closer to each other now then last episode.

  4. Anonymous says:

    one more thing, now i can;t imagine how much rating can the last episode OF 1N2D brings. hope it pass 50% lol ( they pass 40% ONCE)

  5. geeze says:

    thanks for the replies at my queries…
    much appreciated….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh my! 1N2D ratings is 29.8%, but why in this news, it’s only 28.9%? http://news.nate.com/view/20120109n05335
    9일 오전 시청률조사회사 AGB닐슨미디어리서치에 따르면 8일 오후 방송된 KBS 2TV ‘해피선데이-1박2일’은 시청률 28.9%를 기록했다. 이는 지난 주 1일 방송분 28.7%보다 0.2%P 오른 수치다.

  7. Gen Wong says:

    Thanks for another great news! So, Seunggi is like a “savior” for Saem…it’s super duper rare for a subsidiary to exceed the sales of the main company. And this goes to show that Korea super duper loves Seunggi!!! Speaking of the Saem, hope to see a new CF soon!

  8. AnnMichelle says:

    So happy to hear that the Saem is doing great and a Hong Kong store has opened. Does that mean more money for him to cover territories outside of Korea? I certainly hope so because he is so deserving! (He has turned me into a faithful the Saem customer!)

    • tryp96 says:

      Yeah, I saw that article earlier, but the only sentence that mentioned SeungGi is wrong; that’s why I didn’t bother reposting it. I wonder if the person who did the press release even watched the show. SeungGi did name JWH as the MVP, but he was NOT “acknowledging that Jang would’ve won a lot of the games if it weren’t for bad luck.” What SeungGi meant was that JWH was very active in the shooting, suffered a lot, and provided a lot of entertainment/laughter.

  9. feezasabri says:

    Sukeeeeeeenye… Lee seung gi…tapi bawah umur…waaaaaaa…

    • tryp96 says:

      Guys, I can only read English, Chinese, Korean, and very little Japanese. If you write in another language, please provide a translation as well. Otherwise, your comment might get spammed. I have to watch out for offensive or anti comments.

  10. Yay! Seung Gi stimulates the economy!! Now come to the US and do it…. 🙂

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