12.06.07 From SeungGi

*updated with English translation*


English translation by Rachel and tryp96: (Rachel did most of the work :P)

Budokan concert and 8th anniversary celebration!! Thank you all for everything~~^^ 2012-06-07

Have you been doing well???ㅋㅋ
Ah~~~ The storm-like schedule has an end in sight^^ㅋㅋ

Budokan concert coinciding with the end of the drama…
Honestly, I had always felt sorry towards our Japanese fans before, so this concert was really important… Before I went, my condition did look a little weak.

But with Rhee Seung Gi sshi’s strong body from the drama, the Budokan concert…
It was the best.^^!!

Perhaps the fans’ presence really makes a big impact on my energy ㅋㅋ
I could never have imagined that this concert would turn out so well ^^

Japan First Live Concert, the Budokan concert where we all became one!!
All the fans who were there, let’s clap~~~ Jjak Jjak Jjak Jjak [clapping noise]!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ
And the fans who weren’t there, let’s all sigh~~~~ Phew………..

I hope we can all be together at the end of year Seoul concert^^!! I will pay you back with an even better concert!

And everyone who congratulated my 8th anniversary from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and so on…… I have had so many people congratulating me, I’m sorry I can’t call your names one by one. Thank you so so much everyone.!!!

8 years… Now I can really say I am growing old with my fans^^ㅋㅋ

From now on, let’s go on like this without any deserters~~^^

I did a media interview today. Were you curious of various stories of The King 2Hearts and Lee Seung Gi? I finally did the interview today after completing all my fixed schedules…

But….. I have more interviews tomorrow too, so I will talk about the drama and myself until my lips are dry..^^!!

Please read them carefully and intensively.

That’s it from me!

United Airens!
Tie up your shoelaces again, take a deep breath, and we’re going to run again^^!!!

I don’t know what I will suddenly greet you with again in the second half of the year!

That’s it~!! Bye Bye^^

English translation: Rachel & tryp96.wordpress.com

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34 Responses to 12.06.07 From SeungGi

  1. nicoleko66 says:

    always nice to hear from him. =)

  2. aw, he is such a sweet and lovely guy, just like he writes a love letter for his girlfriend. wait for the translation.

  3. Divine Jiwon says:

    translation pretty please, thanks tryp

  4. AiniGoguma says:

    오빠~ 인도네시아 팬들도 많아요~ ㅠ.ㅠ 우리는 오빠를 항상 응원하고 사랑하고 있어요 ❤

  5. dalsg says:

    Sweetest guy in d entire world! ♥ him!

  6. anonymous noona says:

    a few translation I’m not sure though 🙂 he said “thank you for the 8th year and the succesful concert in budokan. The heavy schedule finally comes to an end. He was so happy with the energy and support Japanese fans gave him. He hope he could give more energetic performances. But he will payback the fans on his Seoul concert. Regarding his 8th yr debut he’s so happy fans greeted him all over the world especially mentioned Korea,Japan,China,Malaysia,Thailand.Singapore and USA. And he will start to eat with fans? (lost there). He said he had an interview today and many questions were asked especially regarding the drama. And more interviews to come tomorrow anticipate more stories.
    airens unite. and also he said “tie your shoelace” (maybe it is something like he’s thinking about his airens 🙂 )
    anticipate more…bye-bye ^ ^

  7. judepps says:

    Thanks for a brief translation..

    • judepps says:

      Now it’s no longer a brief translation, thanks Rachel & tryp for sharing both of you are such an angel to us..The message is soo Seungi~ish full of sincerity & concern for his fans. I always love how he express & share his feelings towards his fans. i don’t know if it was just me but although im halfway farther from Him I always do feel these goosebumps in me everytime im reading his message. His heartfelt message makes me feel his just there something near..=) Still my wish that i could attend to 1 of his concert someday..& hopefully he can set the fixed date in advance for the benifits of his international fans..

  8. Divine Jiwon says:

    wow thanks tryp, he is such a sweet and thoughtful man ,wish him all the best through the coming years.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a million, Tryp. Can you please put up only translated version, please? Seunggi himself asked not to share stuff from the official fansite. I’m worried that tabloids will exploit our Seunggi’s letter making distorted articles, again.

  10. dalsg says:

    United Airens! Seunggi has mentioned all off his fans in d whole world. ☺ let’s growing old wit him n always be his supporting army!

  11. anon says:

    No shout-out to Canada?!! :C We luff you as well, Seung-gi!!

  12. Puti Melati says:

    I know you are so tired now, Lee seung gi.
    I wish you Health, and happiness !
    Airen Indonesia Support you!

  13. Jade Butterfly says:

    “let’s go on like this without any deserters~~^^”
    Too late to wish for that , Seunggi , I deserted others FOR YOU!! ….You have K2H & HJW to thank for that , other than yourself , of course.
    I’m sure I’m Not the only deserter that has totally & absolutely switched camp to Camp Seunggi ^_*

    • anon says:


      SO true!! Who did you desert for Seung-gi?! I ‘liked’ other K-celebs but currently there’s only one guy who rocks my world!!:D

      • Jade Butterfly says:

        Haha , Anon , its someone v v popular & not everyone’s cup of tea .Unlike Seunggi whom babies to grandparents LOVE . He’s so easy & cool to adore .

    • imeadd says:

      Totally agree with u Jade… Seunggi-yaa you made me in love with u sooo deeply! It’s a good thing though 😉

      • MmeShah Sg says:

        Haha…. Every minute, every second… 24/7… Only Lee Seung Gi in our heart and soul. Not a phew to miss his Budokan concert… I felt restless!!!
        Yeah…oh yes!!!! I’m looking forward to his year end concert in Seoul. Fighting!!!!

    • seunggicharm says:

      hahaha..Great one there Jade Butterfly! We totally agree with you..what can we do?he’s simply irresistible right?!^_________^

  14. sunby says:

    Thank you so much Rachel n tryp96 VERY VERY VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!Love him to the MAX!

  15. Leogalsg says:

    Thank for the translation Tryp and Rachel…Hi five to you…
    Let grow old together , Seung gi….
    Really proud of you and it okay you can t read all our name but pls remember us…
    Let tie our shoelaces and run with him in London…

  16. Puti Melati says:

    fighting Lee Seung Gi !

  17. Puti Melati says:

    it is true from Lee seung gi? 🙂

  18. sunby says:

    iread it again he said”read it carefully n intensively ” is there a special hints???? i wonder !!!!waiting patiently for the interview !

  19. seunggicharm says:

    wow..thanks for the translation as always tryp and rachel!really..AIRENS UNITE!so happy that he took time to say hi to his fans all over the world..Seung Gi-ya..FIGHTING!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I was very touched by this
    He mentioned my country Thailand
    I’m ready to run with you at anytime
    I will always be Airen forever
    ps Look forword for an interview
    I really want to know more about TK2H

  21. Anonymous says:

    And he mentioned my country Singapore too! Hooray!

  22. Saranghae uri seung gi…..

  23. roseM says:

    thank you seunggi for mentioning Malaysia…love and support u alwiz

  24. SERIOUSLY, I have fallen for this guy. Who doesnt? I bet every girl and woman will surely fall for him, who can resist his sweetness? NO ONE!!! Ahh stresss!!

  25. Immy says:

    Congratulation for your successfull,allway love u .from Thailand

  26. sara says:

    So sweet and hardworking as always.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi Yah ….when will you be visiting Indonesia??? 우리가 미치게 보고싶은

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