[Eng Sub] Gu Family Book Ep 8 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

credit: LSGKWA

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6 Responses to [Eng Sub] Gu Family Book Ep 8 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. scbound says:

    CJ looks like she is going to tell KC she cant leave with him, I feel regret in her expression. Cannot wait to see how it plays out.

  2. Alex says:

    I like the way story is moving and how KC and YW relationship develop from here, while i don’t necessary feel there’s no chemistry between KC and CJ But I do feel that kang-chi’s love might stem from being an outsider and wanting to be part of park family (I mean if he married CJ he’d be a part of park family officially) specially in a perfectly peaceful situation. People are defined by the choices they make while in a hard situation.
    So I guess what happens now will base on these choices YW accepting his beast form will likely play a big part in winning KC’s affection while CJ will give importance to her status which will have a opposite effect on KC’s affection for her. I mean all KC wanted was to be accepted and YW started by accepting him.
    I think TS might be brainwashed.

    • Ivory says:

      TS is being hipnotized ? To kill KC?
      Now the story line going to war situation. Watching Gw and LSS try to make KC their people.
      This drama really full of surprises since beginning. Wow, daebak !
      Seung Gi yaa…..you are really awesome, jinja.

  3. tu prepare tissue T^T hizz~ kangchiya

  4. tae seo was indeed hypnotized by GW’s right hand man……so when he saw KC, he stabbed him right away, then when he tried to attack again, YW blocked the attack(cool) to save KC 😀 *SPOILER*

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