Gu Family Book Japanese DVD Trailer – Lee Seung Gi

Full version?

credit: NBCUniversal Entertainment

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5 Responses to Gu Family Book Japanese DVD Trailer – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Is it bad that I wanna watch this drama again for the 3rd time? lol

    • impreza says:

      I’ve just finished watching it for the second time, this time all in full HD and with a much better timing than the first time. And well… I’m suffering serious withdrawal syndrome. Hence I know I will probably need to watch it a third time soon. So to answer your question… no, it’s not bad. 😉

      • hahaha right? it’s just such a perfect piece of television! KangChi is prob one of my favorite characters out of all hi has played.

        • impreza says:

          While re-watching it I really enjoyed how well written and directed Gu Family Book was. In fact, this show has been totally underrated by many viewers at the time it was aired,, probably because it belongs to the “fantasy” genre. I mean, GFB was of course successful but from what I remember of some comments I read last year, many people didn’t understand it completely and weren’t able to see the level of quality displayed in this show. It lifted up Korean drama to a new level, like the best dramas do.
          In fact Seung Gi has got quite some flair because he’s the hero of two of the best Korean dramas ever made, GFB and The King 2 Hearts (masterpiece)! 🙂
          Like you I’m totally in love with Kang Chi. I also love Jae Ha. How can one actor make you fall deeply in love with two completely different characters at the same time? His interpretation of Kang Chi is so endearing, his acting is so powerful and delicate at the same time. He makes many scenes memorable with his acting alone. Thanks to him, Kang Chi is absolutely unique.

  2. impreza says:

    Very good Japanese trailer. It’s weird but I’ve noticed that the Japanese often do better trailers of Korean dramas than the Koreans themselves.

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