15.01.09 Love Forecast VIP Screening After Party Photos

These pictures were posted about 2 hours ago (7am KST?!). Did they party all night? 😛

#Love Forecast #Lee Seung Gi lovely face at #Screening Party

#Love Forecast #Lee Seung Gi As expected. Seung Gi is multi-talented, as a singer & as an actor. He’s an actor who knows exactly what the audience wants. Truly, SeungGi’s fun and natural acting is a skill that even his sunbaes envy. #Love Forecast Hit daebak!

credit: tonyhong1004
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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4 Responses to 15.01.09 Love Forecast VIP Screening After Party Photos

  1. ssviveka says:

    He have something to make peoples fall for him. what to do? i am Addicted now 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    i agree with you….im not korean but i fall on his charm….i admire alot of kpop b4 untill i watch him in a drama gumiho?? then i find my self want to watch him only hahahahahhah i lyk his personality funny and everything…lol i stock to him hmmppppp…but his worth to watch to be honest…..

  3. SayangSeunggi says:

    Exactly!!!..me too!!..he is always be a star i like,love and admire alot..everything about him is wonderful..he is first korean celebrity i loved..

  4. i never loved any korean actor or singer until i know lee seung gi,, he’s the first korean entertainer who make me addicted.. i don’t know what to say, i love everything on him, his personality, his charming, attitude, and so on . so respect to him so much ❤ ❤ ❤

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