SWC Sergeant Lee Seung Gi Posters 3

Is this an offline-only campaign? Even the photos posted by the fan club yesterday were not very HQ. This fan took these pictures also at the GFF.

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SWC Sergeant Lee Seung Gi Posters 2

Still waiting for the camp reading campaign to release the posters online, but in the meantime, here are some sharper pictures of the posters: 😛

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Strong Heart MC Lee Seung Gi Fan Art 9

2012 collection

credit: everymoment

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SWC Sergeant Lee Seung Gi Posters at 2017 GFF

A dclsg fan saw these posters when she visited GFF today.

Poster #1: “I am a ROK soldier.”
Poster #2: “Officers & soldiers who read change the ROK and change the world.”

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17.10.07 Lee Seung Gi in HK News

This basically talks about SeungGi’s military magazine photoshoot and interview, and all the love calls he’s received before his discharge. 😛

credit: AY

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17.10.06 SWC News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Someone wrote in the SWC parents’ cafe that the 13th Brigade had an athletic competition not too long ago. A different battalion won the overall competition, but SeungGi’s 75th Battalion won the soccer game. Apparently, the 75th Battalion plays soccer at every opportunity, and the team is centered around SeungGi whose competitive spirit is still very strong. 😛

source: koreaspecialforces
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Lee Seung Gi Talks About His Military Experience And What Worries Him Most About Civilian Life by soompi
Lee Seung Gi talks about his post-military discharge plans by allkpop
Lee Seung Gi looking charismatic on an issue of ‘Monthly HIM’ magazine by allkpop

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Lee Seung Gi HIM Magazine HQ Official Photos

These were posted by the magazine editor (the other 2 photos she posted were unfortunately too small). She mentioned that there would be more BTS photos of SeungGi to be released in the November issue of HIM magazine.

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