16.10.05 GFF Backstage Fanpics 4 – Lee Seung Gi

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16.10.02 GFF Backstage Fancams 6 – Lee Seung Gi

Don’t forget to scroll to the right for the 2nd video in the IG post:

credit: beniimokosan

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Lee Seung Gi 1N2D Fan Art 15

credit: everymoment

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3 Months Before Discharge… Broadcasters Try to “Catch Lee Seung Gi”

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17.08.05 Lee Seung Gi Sighting?

I’m not sure how true this is, since there’s no SG proof shot…

This person claims that he went to a famous restaurant (ByeolYangJib 별양집 near Seolleung subway station in Seoul) last Saturday and was surprised to see SeungGi sitting at the next table. He said SeungGi was there with some soldier friends. I’m not sure how he could tell they were soldier friends, unless they were wearing uniforms? If so, were they in Seoul for official military matters?

credit: jjj_chu

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2017 GFF Guerrilla Date?

This year’s GFF is only 2 months away, and there’s barely any news yet. Last year, the promo photo first came out in June! So who knows what’s going on… But a mysterious event was posted on the official website under SeungGi’s photo, so maybe we can still look forward to it…

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Hallyu Back: Lee Seung Gi Army Transformation?

This video is a little old, but it’s fun watching other people fangirling over SeungGi. 😛

credit: Hallyu Back
via AnnMichelle

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