14.08.20 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi & Lee Seo Jin at KCON 2014: Official Video


According to the official fan club, SeungGi will appear on SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ tonight.

The program starts at 8:55pm KST.

Hopefully the streaming links for SBS still work. :P

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14.08.19 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

SeungGi was spotted at a Japanese-style bar, Cheonhaui Muntaro (天下の文太郞) Izakaya, in Cheongdam-dong late at night. (cr: emonhyun)


According to a dclsg fan, SeungGi is filming a rice cooker CF in Yeoju today.

Does this mean SeungGi has renewed his CF contract with Cuckoo? :P

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14.08.18 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Good news for those attending the fan meeting, but bad news for those who can’t…

1. There will be a handshake session after the fan meeting.

2. Everyone attending the fan meeting will receive 2 special never-before-seen gifts as souvenirs.

3. Photo taking, video filming, voice recording at the fan meeting, and uploading, sharing on internet sites, SNS are all prohibited.

source: leeseunggi.com
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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Movie ‘Today’s Love’ Filming News Tidbits

August 20, 2014

Filming at Hongdae Playground?

SeungGi & Ga-In are filming at a bus station in Digital Media City right now (as of 4:30pm KST)?! (cr: worldpeace_key)
How many idols is this movie going to have?

August 17, 2014

Filming at SeungGi’s old elementary school

Seems like SeungGi has filmed at the elem. school 2 days in a row. A blogger says her husband saw SeungGi, but she showed up late and missed him. Her daughter still climbed the fence trying to see SeungGi? ㅋㅋ (s: naver blog)

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New Updates II

M! Countdown KCON 2014 in LA updated at 10:39am PST on 8/14
M! Countdown Begins: KCON 2014 in LA updated at 10:36am PST on 8/14

14.08.09 KCON Concert Fancams 3 updated at 9:19pm PST on 8/11
14.08.09 Incheon Airport Press Videos updated at 8:32pm PST on 8/11

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14.08.20 Today’s Love Filming Fanpic 2 – Lee Seung Gi

Filming at Hongdae earlier today:

credit: pp_ashion

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14.08.07 Lee Seung Gi Autograph

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14.08.20 Today’s Love Filming Fanpic – Lee Seung Gi

Someone just saw SeungGi at Hongdae Playground. He didn’t say what they were filming; I’m just assuming it’s for the movie. :P

credit: rimirimi12

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14.08.19 CF Filming Fanpics – Lee Seung Gi

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14.08.09 Incheon Airport HQ Fanpics 9 – Lee Seung Gi

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Medifoam CF Filming HQ BTS Photos – Lee Seung Gi

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