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To Catch Lee Seung Gi… BTS Story of tvN Lineup Change

My guess is that Hook has already signed SeungGi up to star in Hwayugi (while practicing the art of a 1+1 package deal) and is just waiting for his discharge to make an official announcement. I can understand Hook’s desire … Continue reading

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17.10.07 Lee Seung Gi in HK News

This basically talks about SeungGi’s military magazine photoshoot and interview, and all the love calls he’s received before his discharge. 😛 credit: AY

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Even High Altitude Jump’s No Problem… Lee Seung Gi, Special Force’s Dignity

Looks like Dispatch has been stalking fan sites again (even though they claimed that these “exclusive photos” were provided by a reader who attended the concert):

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Come back quickly! Stars Who Will be Discharged Soon

I just got some unexpected free time, and this was something I could translate quickly. 😛

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Lee Seung Gi Rep “SBS New Variety is One of Many Offers”

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‘Post-Military’ Lee Seung Gi’s Value

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Lee Seung Gi Rep “Too Early for New Project… Top Priority is Military Service”

Seriously, I’m now reminded of how shamelessly relentlessly they used SeungGi’s name to hype up that other Hong Sisters drama before they finally “confirmed” someone else for the casting… Why does Hook always let this happen? Just say no!

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