11.03.29 News Tidbits

SeungGi’s next drama project?

It’s almost April, and I think some fans are getting a little impatient for SeungGi’s next project. Based on SeungGi’s interviews, he’s almost definitely going to star in a drama this year, but the question is, which one?

Someone posted at dclsg that it might be a KBS sageuk called “The Princess’ Man” which is scheduled to air starting in July. But it seems like that person was just guessing because s/he read on twitter that the production team sent SeungGi the synopsis.

SeungGi probably gets all kinds of casting offers, so I think this is probably just one of the dramas that he’s considering right now. Let’s just hope Hook will make a good decision.

But in case anyone’s interested, this is what I found on hancinema about this new drama:

24 episodes – Wed, Thu 21:55
A project that focuses on the tragic relationship between King Sejong’s second son. General Sooyang and Kim Jong-seo. With the “Gaeyu-jungnan” as the basic structure, this is a historical version of “Romeo and Juliet” between General Sooyang and Kim Jong-seo, General Sooyang’s daughter and Kim Jong-seo’s son.


OK, this is not news, but it’s just too funny not to post! 😀

Someone didn’t want SeungGi to get cold: 😆

credit: cyworld


1N2D edited scene

According to a dc1n2d fan who attended the dubbing session for the last 1n2d episode, there were some scenes edited out, probably due to time constraint. One of the edited scenes was from the morning mission.

You might have noticed SeungGi chewing on dried squid legs for the morning mission. The edited part was in the begining: as soon as SeungGi got up, he asked KJM, “Hyung, would you like to eat the main body part? It’s a little softer (than the legs). I’ll eat all the legs.” In the broadcast, you could really appreciate how hard it was to chew those legs, and SeungGi’s jaws were obviously hurting. The fan said it was so heartwarming to see the maknae taking care of his hyungs and SeungGi really had a warm heart; too bad that was edited out.


Just read something very interesting. I think it goes to show that SeungGi is really becoming a big Hallyu star. 😀

A movie director from Hong Kong, Wilson Yip (葉偉信), is currently working on a remake of the classic Chinese movie “A Chinese Ghost Story” (which SeungGi actually parodied in MGIG). In a recent interview with the Korean press, he actually talked about SeungGi!

He said he would like to cast SeungGi in his next movie project. He said the movie was still in the planning stage, but once the scenario was completed, he would like to show it to SeungGi. And he’s working hard to write a scenario that would be good enough, in order to cast SeungGi!

OMG, I felt so proud reading this – SeungGi getting recognition from a foreign director! 😀

Source: maxmovie
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

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16 Responses to 11.03.29 News Tidbits

  1. Eunice says:

    Thanks tryp for this great news! I’m certainly feeling very proud and happy for Sgi right now. 🙂

  2. forevermusic says:

    😀 I look forward to Lee Seung Gi’s next big project!! I love him in MGIG-he is just an amazing actor!

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    Actually Seung Gi is kind of perfect for that role originated by Leslie Cheung. I think the director knows what he wants. Very interesting news, thanks tryp.

  4. yuoi says:

    I’m going to watch something of this director, am I too hurried? ^^
    as I knew from google his movies are mostly action))
    thank you for news, Tryp! feel so proud 🙂

  5. vela says:

    wow ! awesome ..hahahaha 😀

  6. Tishi says:

    That photo is too funny! It makes me want to thank whoever did that.

  7. yon says:

    the photo… looks like it’s the Pizza Hut outlet.. The logo on the jacket looks like Pizza Hut.. must be the staff who doesn’t want ‘Seung Gi’ to get sick from coldness and so put it on for him…hahaha….

  8. yumiko says:

    NO!!!!!!!! Seung gi can’t do KBS drama..!!
    i realized there’s alot of people from 1n2d always have KBS IDs anti toward him..
    Please do SBS drama.. SBS has alot of fans ID.. i already made over 35 IDs. ^^

  9. tonks42 says:

    Yes sooo true I`ve been waiting for news about his next drama project I hope that they`ll announce it soon…can`t hardly wait…

    Right now just finished watching MGIAG again for the nth time and Brillinat Legacy coz I miss him badly!!!!

  10. yumiko says:

    i never watch MGIG.. it’s boring!!
    it’s not Seung gi fault.. Hong sister drama is really boring..
    i like Brillinat Legacy.. but his hairstyle was so sticky.. expression looks like heodong.
    it’s ok.. i hope he is doing sageuk wth NO Anti fans no more..

  11. Yon says:

    If its kbs, I wouldn’t mind.. Since we can watch it on kbs world 3 weeks after korea broadcast it. Not only that, he will be able to get interviewed on their entertainment news and other variety programmes as well..

    Like tryp said, just hope that hook will choose a good script for him..

    It doesn’t matter which tv station as long as he can learn and do well is good enough

  12. nisa says:

    a romeo juliet story?!! but they died in the end… o.O
    hopefully that won’t happen 🙂

    & koreans just love seung gi too much! going as far to warm up “cardboard” seung gi…that’s sho shweet hehe =)

  13. rumba lumba says:

    Hook always gets the right project for Seunggi. 1N2d, Shining Inheritance, Strong Heart, then Gumiho.

  14. Gen Wong says:

    I agree with Rumba Lumba. I must give credit to Hook for giving Seunggi good projects. His popularity was rising with steady presence in 1n2d. Then it skyrocketed with the great drama, Brilliant Legacy. But after that, I think people were drawn to him on his own merit. The storyline for that sageuk drama seems interesting. Might be good, since it’s only 24 episodes. Can’t wait to see Seunggi act again!

  15. Dimples says:

    OMG! This is an awesome news! Thanks a lot Tryp.

    I’d love to watch SeungGi in another great drama soonest. 🙂 And I Am soooooo proud of him getting recognition from a foreign director! SeungGi’s first movie project by a foreign director?! Wow!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will come true! 🙂

    Gosh! I was on a very busy 5 days 4 nights trip and I missed lots of news about our Prince SeungGi! Have lots of catching up to do!

  16. Emily M says:

    omg! once i started reading the first article about seung-gi, one of his songs came on (ipod on shuffle)

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