11.12.04 1N2D Ep 232 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*21 clips + HD link of Ep 232*

“brain is not dead yet”

good feeling

SeungGi tricking his hyungs

Darn it!

SeungGi gets thrown into the sea

Let me do it with style! 😆

SeungGi negotiating with PD Na

Oh, it’s my song!

Shower scene

bus ride


brewed coffee

instant coffee CF filming

caramel latte


ordering espresso


affogato (espresso + ice cream)

next week’s preview

“SeungGi wins”

crowd chasing after SeungGi

credit: dclsg


Ep 232 in HD

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18 Responses to 11.12.04 1N2D Ep 232 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. rc says:

    It seems that he won the competition vs the 4 guys. Wow, he really is good.
    Well, we know how compettive he is and always gives 100% in everything he does.

  2. Yon says:

    Omg! The gals on the bus were so excited… And the one sitting beside him is the luckiest of all…

    Tryp, thanks for the clips!!

  3. ay says:

    Thanks Tryp. Love this episode, especially the ladies screaming when SG got on the bus!

  4. samantha says:

    haha heodang seung-gi!! I can’t stop laughing when he slipped off in the water… lol with his ” Iet me do it with style” thing!!!

  5. getgotgotten says:

    OMG That was Daebak!!
    Thank you

  6. sam says:

    eeek, spoke too soon! he won the race, yeeeesssss!!! the shower scene, yessss! i mean….hehe thanks tryp!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I like how he imitating Won Bin and Shin Minah CF… 😆
    “If you’re just a espresso, then she is affogato!!”
    So cute…

  8. ilovemyself says:

    love this trip….
    in first half of the trip(last week), LSG is showing to his hyungs what he had learnt from them
    in this week epsd, it seems like a normal siblings relationship, when the youngest trick the elders, he will get from them…
    it so good he won the rest..so funny when he trick them…beside the coffee thingy, love the scene negotiating with PD Na..he is SUPER SWEET

  9. Wonny says:

    O.O so many seung gi’s cut, keep them coming plzz…:)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seunggi is not only clever and considerate but also such a pleasant and fun guy to be with.
    I wanna play with him all night long.
    Thank you tryp 🙂

  11. fangirl says:

    Yay!!! Thx for the quick weekly HD upload! Seunggi is doing so awesome helping to lead the show post hodong! xoxo thanks tryp! 🙂

  12. jn91 says:

    Thanks, Tryp for posting! So many cuts! 😀

    One other thing I want to say: Hei, coffee CF producer! Watch this episode of 1N2D, and hurry give our Seung GI coffee CF! (I would love to see that~ XD)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha.. 😀
    Seunggi: “Let me do it my style!”
    After watched him did it,
    Me: “HeoDang style? LOL…”

  14. Thanks so much for posting the much-treasured cuts of SeungGi from every 1N2D episode, Tryp! 😉 When I don’t have the time to spare to sit down and watch the whole episode, such cuts really make my day!! Thanks again, Tryp! 😉

    The most memorable cut hands down is the one in which SeungGi tasted the espresso. SeungGi’s expression upon tasting the espresso – PRICELESS!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! 😉
    I couldn’t stop laughing for almost a whole minute rewinding and rewatching it!!! SeungGi’s expression could best be described as shocked-horrified-OMG-WHAT-DID-I-JUST-SWALLOW????!!! 😉
    I couldn’t understand what he was saying, of course, but his expression alone was enough to tell everyone what he COULD be saying – something along the lines of – Was that even COFFEE??!! Hahaha!!! 😉

  15. Mabelle says:

    I like it when he tricks his hyungs hahaha…so cute and very playful..
    Thanks so much Tryp..:) I miss reading here (cry)..

  16. Thina Koana says:

    Thanks a Lot, TRYP96! Daebak! Love his cute reaction while drinking ESPRESSO (^_^)!

  17. Memorable scenes in this episode :

    1. SeungGi getting back at his hyungs for tricking him in the ‘SeungMi’ episode, when they made him think that he arrived at the base camp earlier than Jong Min. But in this scene, SeungGi is so utterly cute, adorable and endearing and playful, not at all mean or malicious. 😉

    2. SeungGi not protesting at all when his hyungs threw him into the cold sea, which is just like SeungGi because he wants to show his camaraderie with his hyungs, even though none of his hyungs joined him in the cold tub of water during the ‘SeungMi’ episode. Which just goes to show how BIG-HEARTED a person SeungGi really is, compared to his hyungs. 😉

    3. How completely, utterly hilarious is the scene of SeungGi tripping and falling unflatteringly into the sea??!! HAHAHAHA!!! So like the way he fell flat on his face when he attempted the high jump in a previous episode!! Poor SeungGi!! But THANKS for the comic relief, SeungGi! 😉

    4. The unexpected treat – the hot and steamy (literally and figuratively) shower scene, that is causing SeungGi’s fangirls the world over to hyperventilate and swoon uncontrollably…hehehehe… 😉

    5. SeungGi at his element – becoming the endorsement model, this time for coffee. How eloquent, charismatic and fitting his every word, facial expression and body language, imagining himself endorsing the coffee he was tasting. He was also able to make the people around him laugh at his words and actions!! He is just so awesomely witty!! Just like Tryp said, let us hope the coffee manufacturers/companies have not missed watching this scene or it would be their great loss, especially considering the landslide votes SeungGi garnered from a poll of housewives in their 20s, 30s and 40s on their favourite CF food model.

    6. But something that really stood out for me as well is during the BREWED COFFEE scene. When the youthful-looking lady arrived with the coffee and placed it on the table, I was struck by how TENDERLY, SOFTLY and FULL OF RESPECT SeungGi’s voice was when he said ‘thank you’ to the lady. It is the most tender, soft and full of respect that I have ever heard SeungGi speaking to anyone before. This incident just further reinforces the unanimous opinion of SeungGi as a respectful, polite, kind and humble person, especially to those older than him like his hyungs, and most especially to the elderly, like how he did a 90-degree bow to the elderly viewers who went on the 1N2D’s 3rd Viewers’ Tour. Lee Seung Gi is truly THE REAL THING – nothing said in praises of him is fake or untrue. 😉

  18. Anonymous says:

    When I watch 1N2D, sometimes I am truly amazed at how knowledgeable he is and he is quick to adapt it to reality. Just a small example, in the clip “espresso” he quoted a few lines from a poem, “love melted, sorrow melted, hearts melted, when whole world melted, it became a cup of coffee” – he changed last bit, as it become espresso. How many of us can quote a poem in unexpected mission like this? And wasn’t his body reaction priceless? Like when he ate lemon? SeungGi really is, as HoDong said once in 1N2D, “our one and only pride” 🙂 Without him, I don’t think the program lasted this long, look at other 3 Hyungs who are brainless and gutless:( It was SuGuen who said, “SeungGi, coffee suits you” then he said when there were 3 of them, in the car, because SeungGi won’t be able to sleep, cos’ too much coffee, let him sleep outside 😦 I am glad in a way, 1N2D comes to an end.. And a quick note to add, “SeungGi’s bubble kiss” was on a news as one of the most searched word on the net on Monday morning.

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