2012 Seoul International Drama Awards: Voting Starts!!!

A new round of voting is upon us!

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

You can vote once per day per facebook account.

If you have a daum account, you can also vote for the People’s Choice here.

I think a lot of us are disappointed by the turn of events last time. It was disheartening that not only some fans bought bots to vote, but also the awards had been predetermined through backroom deals. And who knows? We may run into the exact same problems with this award. BUT, looking at the list of nominees, I firmly believe that SeungGi is most deserving of the awards. Let’s forget about those idols with their bots-buying fans and their deal-making agencies. Let’s show them the power of Airen! Let’s conquer them all!!!

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53 Responses to 2012 Seoul International Drama Awards: Voting Starts!!!

  1. manassuper says:


    • tryp96 says:

      I think the “foreign buyers” refer to the people who imported Korean dramas to their countries. So their votes will count as 30% of the total score.

  2. dalsg says:

    yes Tryp u rite.. show them great Airen spirit! Like Seunggi , like Airen . ❤ ❤

  3. Anonymous says:

    OKE LETS VOTEEE!! Fightinggg!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anyobdy know how to vote? I already choose lee seung gi and click vote, but it alwas say “now proccesing” ??

  5. I have 3 account facebook, but the only one that can be used to vote, why??

  6. seunggilove says:

    ♥We can succeed!!! Let’s show them the power of Airen!♥

  7. Anonymous says:

    I tried few times to create an ID on Daum, but they are too busy! Not sure I can even create one. I haven’t visited my Facebook in few months and I never knew I have that many friends:) I must have accepted their friends requests on iPone, because I didn’t want to log in properly. Because of SeungGi, I even got to say hello to my long lost friend in Ireland while voting 🙂 Hope this time, it’s fair and square! Let’s Vote!!

  8. airentori says:


  9. Trish Mar (@puiki637) says:

    voted with mine and my husband’s fb account for LSG and HJW in both outstanding and people’s choice. hopefully they will be recognized this time for their hard and outstanding work!!! Don’t forget the outstanding drama award for The King 2Hearts!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve already vote with account A yesterday. They say one vote per day, it means we can vote with same account(account A) per day, but why when i tried to vote today with my account A it say “You have voted this section already today. You can vote only once a day.
    Go for another section?” ??

  11. I already like korea.com’s facebook page, but why I can’t vote. the dialog appears like this “only user who ‘like’ korea.com are eligible to vote. Please be a fan of korea.com

    • Anonymous says:

      It also happens to me, then i tried this steps.
      login account FB in Facebook pages and “like korea.com”then log out from Facebook.
      Open voting page choose lee seung gi and click vote, it will appears small window(login pages). Input your email and password, follow the steps and click allow, after that you can vote now. (if the pages run slowly, just refresh the pages)

    • Klelia says:

      Ys, same thing is happening to me, please advice how become a fan, just to be able to vote:0)

  12. oh, thanks for your advice…. now, I can vote with all my account 🙂 🙂
    let’s vote again tomorrow 😀

  13. Jenny says:

    i cant vote, the page keeps on refreshing!!!
    can someone tell me how?

  14. if the process so long, you must reload tab, then you can vote again. that’s what I do. be patient, Fighting!!!

  15. Osi says:

    If the page keeps refreshing, try to vote from different browser. Sometimes I got that problem using google chrome, so I use mozilla firefox, and It works.
    Just an information for you who doesn’t know this, yet. If you log in on facebook (using the account you used to ‘like’ korea.com) and open the voting page on the same browser, you can directly vote. if you use multiple accounts, just log out from the previous account, log in again using different account. Refresh the voting page, then you can vote again.
    ps. I didn’t have facebook account before, but for this, I made some.^^

  16. yesterday, I voted at 3pm, and this morning I wanted to vote, but why appear dialog like this “you have voted this section already today. You can vote only one a day. Go for another section”
    Day had changed, Should I vote every 24 hours?

    • giggleshohoho says:

      Yes I realised that the system clocks the 24 hrs from the time you vote, not when the system starts a new day. Eg if I vote today (Fri) at 8.30am Spore time, I can only vote tomorrow (Sat) fr 8.30am. I tried 8.25am but it won’t let me until after 8.30am. On Sat, if I vote at 2.30pm, this wld mean that the earliest I can vote on Sun is fr 2.30pm.

  17. I’m Turkish Airen!:)I voted..:)But Park Yoochun received many votes.:(

    • airentori says:


  18. Becca says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Lee Seung-Gi is dgetting better~! We’re slowing reaching our goal. It will take some time but it will be worth it at the end~! Fighting!!

  19. Klelia says:

    I have been trying to vote but without luck!:( I did not have a face book account and just to be able to vote I’d open one, but still not able to vote. en.korean.com requested to be a fan of page in order to vote but still it wont let me vote. Can somebody please let me know what is the best way to vote without all this mess! I will do almost anything to make Sweet Lee Seung Gi wing all and any Awards:D

    • giggleshohoho says:

      Initially I had the same problem. What I did was to go to the FB page, dislike then like again..think I had to do this several times before it worked….maybe bec it was on the 1st day and traffic was really slow. If you hv already tried this, then I dont know what else can be done.

  20. Seung Gi lover says:

    Seung Gi is STILL far behind YooCheon….hurry up….We only got one and half week left!!!
    Foreign fans can vote at ->

    to vote at en.korea.com
    1. you need to have facebook accout.

    2. you need to like ->http://www.facebook.com/KoreaDotCom

    3. if you clicked like than go to voting page -> http://en.korea.com/event/sda2012/

    4. vote Seung Gi for OUTSTANDING KOREAN ACTOR

    5. vote Ha Ji Won as Outstanding Korean Actress

    6. vote the king 2 hearts as OUTSTANDING Korean drama

    7. and finally vote for PEOPLE’S CHOICE

    i heard that if you erase cookie file you can revote…but i have no idea how to do it…

    at the present moment Seung Gi is far behind Park….

    Please let more of AIREN know about the voting event!!!!

    lets make our star win the prize!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL! HJW’s vote is over 43%, taking the 1st place while she has not much fanbase.
      Buying votes again?

      • Anonymous says:

        And I think HJW would win but maybe SG wouldn’t. That’s what they call the hiden power on entertainment world. LOL!

        • Anonymous says:

          To even imply that HJW winning would be “hidden power on entertainment world” is truly laughable— but I’m afraid that the joke is on you:)

      • Anonymous says:

        oh come on dont bash hjw for not having a huge fanbase,she may not have it, but she has many scattered fans and please she isnt an actress singer idol whose fans are into kpop thing, she’s been in the industry for 13 years and and deserves to have this award,her performance in k2h was amazing just like Lsg,if have u nothing good to say just dont mention her name here, i know some airens here are against her but please hajiwon is a good person just like lsg who is my new favorite actor.be kind with the words you use.PEACE!!!!

        • Becca says:

          I agree! I mean, Lee Seung Gi is good of an actor as like a veteran actor. He is improving every single time. And Ha Ji Won has much experience. It would only make sense for her to be doing her best in every single project. However, I am still voting a lot. 🙂 AH-HA couple forever. P.S. I hope there is a TK2H press conference or at least a few events in Japan for TK2H. I WOULD <333 THAT.

      • Kitty says:

        How do you know HJW doesn’t have much fanbase? hahaha.. buying votes from FB? Wow , you must not be voting then. Don’t you know how strict FB security was to be able to just buy votes like in MNEt? Watch your words Ms. Anonymous, I am sure, you were the one who kept on bashing HJW here. Such an insecure fan..poor you !

        • Anonymous says:

          Buying votes means the fans send people not fan that called ‘voting-employees’ some money for voting, not hacking! Her fans did a super good job on buying votes with Mnet Choice, but the result was LOL!

          • Kitty says:

            hahahaah…poor Ms. Anonymous, it really did affect you girl…..BIG LOL !

          • Beverly says:

            If I may interrupt, no matter how others accuse HJW fans of vote buying, fact is HJW is an outstanding Korean Actress AND , she was the only Korean Actress nominated in SDA as Best Actress competing with 5 other actresses from different countries. Her acting is unquestionable so do not belittle the fact that many people will vote for her. Anyway, this Ms. Anonymous bashing HJW, I guess is just one of those insecure obsessed fans. To Kitty, dont bother to even respond to this anonymous fan. She is not worth your time and effort… LOL

            • tryp96 says:

              Now, if I may interrupt… Beverly and Kitty, are you two long-lost twins? I just couldn’t help but notice you had so much in common, even IP addresses!

              To be perfectly honest, I have nothing against HJW. I still like her, because I know she can’t be held responsible for the silly things her fans do. And I’m pretty sure not all her fans do silly things. I don’t think the anonymous fans above (I don’t know if it was just one person, since they actually had totally different IP addresses) were trying to criticize or attack HJW. She is an excellent actress, and she’s liked and respected by a lot of people, including SeungGi and Airens. So I hope our two fandoms can get along. Peace!

  21. sunby says:

    We can never win when this sasaeng fans are involved,now u know why our king hv to run when fans are out of control. Sadden by the young fans obssesions towards their most loved Idols , Chk it out…http://bit.ly/N5C9rr

    • hellosonica says:

      wow, those were creepy fans there, I was about to blame KSH & PYC fans for buying votes in Mnet 20’s & SDA, but since they have so many obsessed & crazy fans, i guessed it tough for true talents to shine. Thanks God SG’s fans are mainly sane people, hopefully

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