13.02.01 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seunggi talks ‘Gu Family Book’ martial arts, wins two for 5.5 Album ‘Return’ [Seoul Music Awards] by LSGfan

Lee Seung Gi says, “My kicking skill is as good as Jackie Chan’s” by korea.com


SeungGi will be a special guest at Baek Ji Young’s concert to be held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on February 16. There are actually 2 concerts (3pm & 7:30pm) on the same day. Not sure if SeungGi’s performing at one or both of the concerts.

source: playdb via dclsg

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3 Responses to 13.02.01 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Airyn says:

    Awww, he’s supporting his Ji Young noona! It would be awesome to see them perform together again. I look forward to fancams. 😉

  2. after reading : MBC Announces Jackie Chan will Appear on ′Kneedrop Guru′ http://enewsworld.mnet.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=28078 want to alert him, seunggiya be careful with what u said~!! =))))) ask hodong to help u meeting him and go learn some awesome kicking skill from him lols

  3. manassuper says:

    here is another news of casting in “gu family book” http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/02/jung-hye-young-added-to-gu-family-book/

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