[Eng] 16.01.21 From SeungGi

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Airens~!! Loyalty [salute]! ㅎ 2016-01-21

I received my notice of enlistment at 10am today.
I’ve been summoned by the country, and there’s not much time left until enlistment,
but I’ll prepare diligently so that I’ll come back safe and sound…^^

Ten days from now~

I’m very sad and sorry to leave without being able to properly greet our fans!
I’ll come back quickly and return as a better person. Please wait for me until then~~~^^

I sincerely thank Airens who’ve been with me since 2004 for your much love and support.
Now that I’m leaving, all the moments we’ve shared are flashing through my mind…

As much as the generous (but undeserved) love I’ve received with the name Lee Seung Gi, I’ll do my best to serve and then come back~!!

Until then, a temporary goodbye!!

source: leeseunggi.com
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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23 Responses to [Eng] 16.01.21 From SeungGi

  1. seungsoo15 says:

    It’s hurting me more than i expected. i am trying hard not to cry but i cant..stay safe oppa:(

  2. Seung Gi Oppa ya, you deserve our love more than anyone else. Please stay healthy and happy. I will be waiting for ur comeback like in your song. Forever Airen!

  3. divyaelango says:

    We miss you Lee seung gi v sad too. .. but same time v support you… Have healthy n safe trip.. And we always proud to be ur fan… Lee seung gi Fighting!!!!!!!! 😢😣😊😊☺☺☺ (now am in mixed emotions)

  4. LSG apprentice says:

    What a sad day for me …I really look up to seung gi hyung like an older bro. he is really a good role model for me not just in my studies but also on how to live my life. He is really an amazing person.
    😦 😦 take care hyung !!! I will wait for your next project in the future.. YOU ARE THE BEST!! triple crown korean entertainer..ofcourse all airens will wait for your return..

  5. amy says:

    The song is so good I love it! We will be waiting with loyal for you. Serve well Seunggi-ya Airens love you so much! ❤ Come back with more great things in the future. May success, good health, prosperity and luck be in your way. 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought im not going to cry for a celebrity…. Weird feeling….. Bcoz i am now…. Now i know that i really love this guy… Suenggi take good…. I will wait u… I promise…. Fighting!!!

    • Same happen to me, my eyes are all watery, incredible. I genuine like this Guy in a good way, feels like family, is a weird thing to say, but maybe many of the fans would understand, Hope He be well and that they release him early.

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  8. omuraiisu says:

    O my.. he just received the notice this morning.. and like didn’t even postpone it for a minute.. make it clear and straight.. He’s so waiting and prepared for this.. not like my poor heart which still crying even though I’ve prepared it TT.. but really.. I’m so proud of you SeungGi-ah. ❤

    Yes temporary goodbye, "Goodbye, It doesn’t mean the end.. Because we’re under the same sky" TT ..
    I'll send my goodbye in the day.. for now I'll cherish these remaining 10 days.. I hope I can see you again before D-day.. but maybe I'll just passing it by listening to your song. Thank you SeungGi-ah for the new song.. it's really heartwarming ❤ and it's me who should say thanks.. even though I know you only from 2010, there's already a lot of precious memories since then<3
    Please stay safe and healthy..
    Our namja!! salute!! ^0^\

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m crying. I love him so much . I will wait for him return 😭

  10. lindakwt says:

    i want to send you with a light and warm heart…like your heart…but I cannot help to be feeling down today knowing that I will be not be able to see you for the next two years!!! I cannot help to remember, Teng Jha appa in your drama 7 Famous Princesses, with a brave heart you go in to the army but with a heavy heart for your mom, wife and your son…I will always be with you in prayers and with your videos, song especially your new song. May our prayers keep you safe and see you again soon Seung gi yahhh!!! Via Con Dios!!!

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  12. SL Teh says:

    Seunggi ya, please stay safe & healthy. Fighting!!!

  13. babygirl says:

    seung gi ya.. please come back safe &. healthy# see you again very soon 2017 Fighting !!!

  14. Oh My, just as sincere and transparent as always. Aghhh, I was just casually watching The Famous Princesses this morning, don’t know why I feel like watching it, and crying for the character Tae Ja when He went to the army… and now I read this… Oh my, fiction copying reality, weird don’t you think? Anyway, I feel heartbroken, so soon, so sad, but it has to be done, you are a Man and the best Man I like right now. I will wait, crazy waiting it is gonna be but for you,is worth it. We all Airens from around the world, would send you positive energy and many blessings so you do well and came back safe and sound. Missing you already sweetie. Big, BIG hug for you!!!

  15. graceslarasati says:

    SeungGi yaa, stay safe and be happy as always. I’ll be waiting so patiently! Fighting and come back soon! :’)

  16. seagizem says:

    I just woke up and now I am crying 😭 so soon omg don’t know what to do 😭😢😖

  17. adzrg says:

    does any1 know which place in korea he will enlist from.. planning to go and say good bye but I dont know the location.. Please help!!! Thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    Im sorry about the down vote- its just my chubby finger 😰 Ill really miss you LSG but ill be here waiting for you when you come back. My love for you will never disappear but will just keep on growing. Be safe and keep healthy. Fighting!

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. wenns8 says:

    i’ve prepared my self for this time so long ago. but it’s still hurting me right now.
    LeeSeunGi Fighting. and Tryp… don’t you ever stop posting your news or everything about oppa. thankyou.
    we’ll wait for you uri Saranghaneun Seunggi Oppa

  21. ayhu says:

    although uri oppa will leave Airen, but we ask Tryp do not leave word about Seung Gi … Oppa Oppa we will always be here, waiting for you back from the military, keep the spirit, stay healthy and always in the shadow of god 😀

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