Strong Heart MC Lee Seung Gi Fan Art 2

credit: everymoment

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5 Responses to Strong Heart MC Lee Seung Gi Fan Art 2

  1. Elvira campo says:

    Good morning my love!

  2. Nur says:

    tryp, i’m sry but i don’t understand the recent articles about seunggi , is it saying that he has become an official christian ??? or it’s just a photo reveled of a ceremony at the training camp ?

    • Anonymous says:

      He registered Christian as his religious activity in the army so of course he had to get an official baptism. At least in this upcoming 2 years, he’s a Christianity. But honestly with the soldiers there, they don’t take the religious activity as that big deal, you can see that hundreds of soldiers change their religious activity from Catholic and other religions to Christian just to see Seung Gi every Sunday. It’s not they take a lightly look abt religion but since in the army, the religious activity is one of the rare time for the soldiers to take a rest after their hard training/duty after a week so it’s considered more likely a a cultural activity.
      And as the Korean Airens noticed since the day the photos was leaked, please don’t take any press or talk anymore abt the religion through these photos. Because it would become a chance for the antis and bad people to attacked Seung Gi and to use him as a tool to promote abt their religion. They say using the celebrities’s photo in any religious activity in the army to promote is illegally.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tryp,
    If you don’t mind, please spread a bit abt this too ^^ To show our supports to Seung Gi as much as possible although I don’t think Seung Gi knows abt this ranking. Seung Gi just enlisted for over a month but he already took the 2nd place in term of cheering up ranking ^^

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