Lee Seung Gi to Star as a Head Monk in Movie ‘To Family’

Lee Seung Gi and Director Yang Woo Suk (The Attorney, Steel Rain) paid a courtesy visit to Ven. Jinwoo, the new executive chief of the Korean Buddhist Jogye Order, earlier this afternoon and discussed their upcoming movie about a Buddhist monk.

According to the director, the movie To Family [대(對)가족 literal translation] tells the story of Lee Seung Gi’s character who was an elite medical student but left his single father behind to become a monk, and something unexpected that happened after he became the Head Monk of Baekyangsa Temple. It’s a “comic human drama” movie that deals with the meaning of family in the context of SK’s extremely low fertility rate.

It’s reported that (in preparation for the movie?) Lee Seung Gi has gone through the Buddhist initiation ceremony and was given the Buddhist name of Dowon, so he has officially become a Buddhist.

The movie is scheduled to start filming next month, and will be released in late fall of 2023.

source: naver news
English translation: tryp96

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  1. Anonymous says:

    But what about the VAGABOND? It’s still unfinished story 😞😞

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