11.01.16 News Tidbits

Someone tweeted this after today’s 1n2d broadcast:

Lee Seung Gi took 1n2d to Kolon Sport and bought 10 million won worth of clothes, that’s why everyone was wearing Kolon Sport, including the foreigner friends and their families…

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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45 Responses to 11.01.16 News Tidbits

  1. yumiko says:

    i hate seung gi!!

    why is he always like to spend money on everything??
    and donated money???

    doesn’t he think of marry in the future of saving more money to buy house with his wife and children..

    • tryp96 says:

      Hi yumiko (aka waiyi),

      I’m sorry, but I can’t understand why you dislike SeungGi so much for spending money on other people. Like Ana said, he’s loved for being so generous, so caring. And honestly, I don’t think SeungGi would ever want to marry someone who couldn’t be supportive of him.

    • sara says:

      antis just make the debate hot.say everything you want cuz all the fans know you are not a fan unless who can say”i dislike seunggi”, about the one and only angel?

  2. ana says:

    he’s so generous. I love that he doesn’t think of himself only. there isn’t a point to having the world but lives selfish. This is probably why people loves him. I know this is one of the many reasons why I am in love with him.

    thanks tryp for the news.

  3. yumiko says:

    he is not earning much money since the album doesn’t do well..

    he should buy expensive clothes for everyone.. he is stupid!~

    im pissed since i want him to save more money!

    gosh.. he is terrible..

  4. yumiko says:

    10 million won is so hard to earn!
    is he crazy??????????????????????

    does he want to become a homeless person soon?

    stop spending money for stranger..
    and spend for parents at least.

    • yaleeh says:

      @yumiko…imaybe you have to research for all the story and news about lee seung gi,,,or its just that you have nothing more to do maybe go back to school and try to learn some good manner and right conduct,,,dont you know that lee seung gi is one of the youngest celebrety that earn money,,,,and he has more that bank book account….Or lets says that you should be honest to admit to yourself that you really cant help stop LIKING him so much so you rather choose or act as his antis,,,,pity you!!!!

  5. yon says:

    i’m sure someone here is an anti…

    if you are a fan, you will know how much Seung Gi has earned…… what he is doing for 1N2D is just his way of giving back to society… it’s very normal of korean artistes to show appreciation to the staff.. (just like those main leads in dramas) … unlike other asia big stars who are selfish, korean stars are known widely for showing appreciation to the backstage staff who slogged like hell but not earning as much as them. If you are a real fan, you will know how much he earned just from all the CF in 2010… this 10million won is not even 1% of what he earned from the CFs alone.
    And if you are a fan, you should know that korean music industry does not rely on CDs sales solely.. Most of their sales comes from online more than the CDs.. That’s why they can still survive even though their cds sales are not even 50k..

    i’m more pissed by the negative remarks the anti-fan wrote here…Seung Gi doesn’t need such a fake fan here….

    Seung Gi, we are proud of you…!at least you are not selfish… you appreciate others… even though you are meeting the foreigners and their families for the 1st time, but you never forget that they are there for a living too. Those jobs that they are doing may not be what the koreans want to do….

    Seung Gi, fighting!

  6. yumiko says:

    i am seung gi fan..

    i am pissed at him spending so much money..

    last year he donated money.. is crazy!!!!!!!!

    don’t you want him to save more money for his parents and future wife and children?

    i like his ideal type.. but please don’t spend too much money!!

  7. yumiko says:

    i know he is a good caring person..

    i hope he won’t domated money again..

    korean fans always say donated is good..

    i feel like each year donated money.. would be losing too much money..

  8. yumiko says:

    since i heard he earn 50-80 million $$ from CF 2010 year.
    i feel happy about that..

    but when i heard his spending or donated i feels like becoming anti..

    i like a guy not to spend expensive money..

  9. pau2x says:

    Oh, and just to add to this, keep in mind that Seung Gi is a well-known model of several other products, not just Kolon Sport. That being said, he’s probably sponsored by it(Kolon) which means Kolon provides him with all his clothing needs(he doesn’t have to pay them anything). He spent that 10 m won for the foreigners, not for himself. Therefore, he’s not selfish. He’s just merely helping the foreigners for they don’t earn as much as him, and I love that about him. He’s always there, constantly helping.

  10. yumiko says:

    pau2x.. i understand what you said..

    i felt hurt when i heard he’s spending money for foreigners..

    kolon clothing is so epensive too..;;

    i really hope him not spending this expensive things for other people…

    if he buy it for his parents, that would be great to hear..

    • tryp96 says:

      I’m pretty sure SeungGi spends money on his parents, but I don’t think he feels the need to tell the whole world about it.

      Anyway, it sounds like you like selfish guys better, so SeungGi is really not your cup of tea. If that’s the case, please move on to someone less caring and less generous, and let the rest of us continue drooling over the charitable angel SeungGi.

  11. yon says:

    It seems like the anti doesn’t even know how much he earns from the CFs in 2010….hahaha….

    50-80m won in 2010??? or 50-80m in USD? do your research before posting anything here….

    like pau2x said, most of Seung Gi’s clothes are sponsored..what he is spending on the foreigners may be from his own pocket money… that amount is not alot to him if you know how to convert to your own currency.

    even if you want to turn to become an anti (which i think you were from the beginning), your reasons for becoming an anti is so funny…… ^_^

    As long as seung gi is not doing anything illegal, his fans will support him… That is what a true fan is all about…

    • yumiko says:

      50-80 million is korean money from the article CF, you!

      you think i am anti..??

      i am a fan of him since 2008..

      you fans like him to lose all his money..??
      since i wanted to be more rich and save money for while getting marry for his wife instead of spending money for stranger.. donated money.. kept losing of his pocket money..

      it seem like Kim tee hee bought a rich house expensive than him..

      i really hope he save money. just don’t buy for other people..

      • tryp96 says:

        And please watch your language! Otherwise, instead of editing, I will start deleting or spamming your messages.
        Seriously, if SeungGi makes you that unhappy, it’s time for you to move on.

      • sparkling.charcoal says:

        i suddenly remembered an old saying. i don’t remember the exact words but the point is if you give something to someone sincerely, you will get much bigger things in return.

        so what’s wrong with these arguments? let’s just hope he gets something great in return ^^

        after all, it’s not our money, it’s his, so it is up to him to spend it on anything he wants to.

      • joannalissa says:

        you’re right tryp. excuse my french but yumiko is such a sore loser. I just can’t stand her (?) or him (?).. i even guess he’s gay.

  12. yon says:

    that’s why i say you need to do your research….

    50-80 million won??? .. i think you don’t even understand what is 억? last year he earned 50억 in CFs alone…. that is in billion won….. i do not know where you read it from.. those articles you read may be from other countries’ currency…

    sometimes happiness cannot be bought by $$. i’m sure his future wife will support Seung Gi too……. nothing beats the joy of seeing others so happy with the small little gifts that he can afford…

    Seung Gi, Fighting! Fighting! Fighting!!!
    He makes me so proud to be a fan of his…..!!

  13. Mei says:

    Umm my I ask how much is 10min won in usd? Just add to the comment the day of the recording is on Xmas, so it’s a gift

  14. Mei says:

    wow he;s very generous..

  15. Lili says:

    I love this about Seung Gi, he is so generous…I do think if everyone were like him, the world would be such a wonderful place. In a world where almost everyone is thinking of himself first, it’s rather refreshing to see someone like him.
    It may look foolish, stupid or whatever you want to call it but he can do whatever the hell he wants to do, it’s his money, not ours after all…
    I’m proud to be his fan, being fan of such a wonderful person is amazing. Not only he is talented but he has the personality that goes with it…no there’s nothing to dislike about him, he’s like Mr.Perfect (joking here because nobody is perfect but still he never did something that made me mad or sad, on the contrary, everything he does strenghten more and more my faith in him, I definitely think I chose someone worthy of my time and my money lol…).

  16. joannalissa says:

    shouldn’t you consider yourself an anti too? why do you need to care about his spendings? he earns a lot and that is his way of sharing his blessings. you should be happy that he does such gestures because not every artist can do that. god thing Seung Gi is not as dumb as you are (don’t ever call him that again!) Don’t try to mask yourself as a Seung Gi fan, puhleaaasse!

  17. joannalissa says:

    and why the heck should he quit KSJ? tryp,please do us all a favor. sorry if i have been harsh about my comments. 🙂 i just could not stand someone calling Seung Gi names.. I have not heard anyone call him a ‘dummy’ until yumiko did. he even topped the poll where Seung Gi is most likely to pass CSAT with flying colors. yumiko, you’re hopeless. good for you, you got the attention you’ve wanted.. tsk tsk

  18. tryp96 says:


    I’m sorry but I had to spam your last 2 comments. Has it ever occurred to you that you’re actually acting like that anti on daum whom you find so annoying? I know you’ve had many different ID names since I first met you on soompi, but it’s always been you who has had so many negative things to say about SeungGi and has called him so many names. I know you’re a fan of SeungGi, but maybe it’s time for you to step back and think hard about IF you would want to continue supporting him, or how to go about it productively if you do continue.

  19. ana says:

    Oh my god. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as absurd as you, yumiko. Whatever Seunggi, or anyone, does with their money is none of your business. Nor have I seen anyone upset when someone does charity and something nice for others. If you know him, you’d know he bought a nicer house to live with his parents. I’m sure he’s taking care of them well, including his finances. Seunggi had never appeared irresponsible so why would u assume he isn’t saving for his future. You are probably the only one to ever criticize Seunggi’s generosity. Or do you do that to everyone?

    Quite frankly, I am scare for your life partner.

  20. rawr says:


    Lee Seunggi is rich. 10 million won = 10,000 US Dollars. he’s earning MILLIONS of US Dollars per year on CFs alone.

  21. Fave says:

    @yumiko (aka waiyi)

    I find your comments/complaints here and also, from previous posts rather disturbing and I am kind of worried about your state of mind. I am not psychic or anything close to it but it seems to me like you are undergoing some kind of stress from your own life and it mainly stems from money matters (hence, you cannot comprehend why someone can be so generous).

    I am genuinely concern for you, please do take stock and seek professional help if necessary. Do us a favour and do not comment if you have nothing positive to say about LSG. Thank you.

  22. pau2x says:

    Okay. Bottomline:

    It’s Seung Gi’s money, let him spend it the way he wants to spend it. Seung Gi’s not stupid. He majored in International Commerce and Admin and is currently taking Masters in Trade Theory and Finance. He even maintained a hard-to-maintain 3.5 average(Gosh, I adore him for that.. he’s my role model). That alone is proof that he’s well off when it comes to handling his money. Research people!

    .. gosh, sooo much energy wasted on things that could just be answered by facts alone. Airens, let’s all relax. It’s not worth blowing the top for(at least, anymore). Think happy thoughts, think about Seung Gi. 😀

  23. yon says:

    as what tryp has said earlier, since Seung Gi is not your cup of tea, then don’t bother to support him. Don’t bother coming here or any other forums to badmouth about Seung Gi. Since he is not your type anymore(because he is too generous to others.. or maybe you wish he has spent that kind of money for you instead?), don’t spend your precious time on him. Go and support someone who is selfish.

    Just remember there are karma. If you do good, you will reap good returns.. if you do bad things (eg. badmouth about someone who is sincerely doing good deeds,etc), retribution will befall on you too. Think twice before you post anything here.

    P.S. If you are a true fan, have you join his official website? I think you can try posting it there and asking him to be selfish. But before that, remember to scan and e-mail your passport to the webmaster. They need that before you can post anything to Seung Gi.

  24. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Tryp and Fave,
    I am so glad I was not the only who suspected waiyi and yumiko are one and the same very disturbed and disturbing “fan.” I usually just quickly click away when I see those two names. I am for free speech and all that, but cannot stand when someone maliciously attacks SG under false pretense. Please block that person (and all the future mutations). Thanks.

  25. jacinthgarden says:

    hi everyone~~ this is my first time posting here. ^_^
    i was shock to see so many comments on this post because seriously i don’t see anything wrong here.
    of course, SG is rich so he can buy anything he wants for the people he cares.
    even poor student like me also i do such things to my friends.
    if i have to starve myself a meal or two to buy things for my friends, i will still do it.
    people who doesn’t practice it will never know how good the feeling is to put a smile on others’ face.
    well well well…. ^_^

  26. reglest says:

    Seriously, I almost think this kid thing called yumiko or waiyi or maybe some other fake names isn’t normal.
    This is my first time to find that someone hating someone who donate,wow! Therefore he/she feel like being anti of it,whaat a ridiculous!
    Well, I often heard that if you spend for donating then god will give you more than what you spend. I just keep thinking it ridiculous for yumiko to oppose the donation since people won’t donate if he can’t afford it. Furter more, we all know that Lee Seung Gi is rich,and Yumiko is angry because he will get poor soon? Brainless

    Lee Seung Gi-shi all true fan support your donation act and we proud of your generosity. Keep doing it, God will give you more

  27. purple1n2d says:

    Oh, so all the -ve comments came from this yumiko/waiyi person. I was thinking what happened?
    This person, in my opinion is a kid. An attention seeking kid. Leave her/him be and he/she will disappear.

    • yon says:

      i don’t think it’s a kid. it’s an anti who has nothing better to do… thinking that by posting that his fans will leave him.. but it only strengthen our love for him. haha..

      Wonder other than Seung Gi, did she/he do to other artistes fans blog/forum? If no, it’s too obvious that she/he is jealous that her/his idol is not popular and generous like Seung Gi. Seung Gi donation is nothing compared with another artiste. in fact this singer called Kim Jang Hoon (hope i didn’t get the name wrong, he had a joint concert with PSY recently), he was the artiste who donated the most in 2010. Note, alot of people outside Korea do not really know him but yet he donated the most.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        One last comment…Can’t resist. I think to some people the idea of giving away (money, time, assistance) is kind of new. Some see SG working so hard so they want him to keep all the money he makes and save all his energy / time for the money making enterprise. I am glad that volunteerism and charity work are gaining more and more traction; the Korean show business obviously is a good role model. When SG volunteers, I see sincere and genuine efforts – he really wants to use his high profile to shed light to the less fortunate and entice more people to help as well. As for that anti, let’s just hope he/she will not show face here again.

  28. eunice says:

    Well as far as I know a good down jacket are never cheap. Where else will LSG get clothes from except from Kolon and FUBU. And the reason he didn’t get from FUBU I believe is because of the limited range. BTW, kolon and fubu are never cheap but I’m sure the brand will have given him some discount. Anyway, I think it is very thoughtful of LSG to get the jackets for them instead of other stuff. I’ve been to Nepal during spring. And mind you the temp. can drop to -deg C when the sun start to set. The countries that the rest of foreign workers come from do have cold weather too. So I know that the gifts will not come to a waste.
    And one point to add. LSG has this virtue and joy of giving that cannot be taken away. And he know that it is a blessing to give than to receive.

    So my advice to you yumiko:
    What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world but loses his own soul. So stop being such a souless person with no compassion and love for others.

  29. osi says:

    Oh yumiko a.k.a waiyi. Seriously, you hate someone for being generous?
    You don’t like seung gi to donate his money? Weird. So weird. Seung gi is so smart. He knows how to spend his money.

  30. haart says:

    Opps, I found the crowd here just by looking at the number of comments on the post! 40 comments! you guys did it kkk

    Seriously, I don’t know if yumiko is sure of what she said herself! So let’s just forget about this nonsense!

    I feel good after all the work stress today after hearing some Koreans praised Seunggi to the top even if they are not his fans. They are Korean volunteers on my project and they really have shown a big affection and admiration towards Seunggi.

    They said he’s very very very famous in Korea, that everybody loves him and he’s so perfect in every way, he’s the model person,… I know these are all the same old things we know (^^) but I’m still amazed by how Koreans (not only Airens) adore this boy!

    Ke ke, why a person who is “perfect in every way” can’t give his own money to other less fortuned people?

  31. leyzlie says:

    shocks,.. how could yumiko said the she’s a fan? his fans are there to support him not to criticize him for being generous.. LSG is such a wonderful person with a kind heart and every fan knows that.. no complain..

  32. julie ann says:

    every celebrity has its own way of showing off generousity to less fortunate ones.. he’s known for being the “ideal man” ” ideal son-in law” and perfect guy.. doing acts of kindness to others is a good thing especially he is earning too much money, so why not share ur blessings to other people? even fans though are making efforts too, donating to organizations using their idols names.. hahha!

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