11.05.25 Stalking SeungGi’s Kolon Sport Fan Signing

SeungGi signed for 20 extra fans today.

He then left the fan signing quietly through the back door.


We might not see very many fanpics/fancams today. Kolon Sport seemed to be very strict.

SeungGi’s autograph

Rumor: someone might have fainted at the fan signing, and an ambulance was called.

SeungGi has arrived at the fan signing. Now waiting for pictures… 😛

SeungGi’s van:

The crowd, from a distance:


More pictures of the venue/fans:


Fans waiting in line:


There were 25 fans in line at 7:25am, 80 fans by 8:25am, then 100 fans by 9:10am.

The actual fan signing starts at 3pm.


2 international fans are now waiting outside the store:

credit: Yon, kolonsport, dclsg


Well, it’s technically May 25th in Korea already. A dclsg fan is already standing in line outside Kolon Sport.

AND, the international fans will also be well represented at this fan signing. Please stay tuned for more updates! 😀

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2 Responses to 11.05.25 Stalking SeungGi’s Kolon Sport Fan Signing

  1. Tishi says:

    Whew. Already lined up. They still have to wait a few hours. All for the love of Seung-gi. I hope he does a fan-signing event in November, too. Can’t wait to experience this thing myself.

    Thank you so much, Tryp!

  2. bevzhyunjae says:

    wow…what a line…if im there maybe ive been standing there since lat night…hahaha…see the result of loving him?people lining up to we-dont-know-until-where…and in all ages respectively…

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