Lee Seung Gi 8th Debut Anniversary Fan Event III-3

This is so sweet! 😀

For SeungGi’s debut anniversary this year, DCLSG fans gave him a custom-made ring…

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… that’s actually a couple-ring set with this ring the DCLSG fans will be wearing:

Inscription “always have, always will”

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source: dclsg

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8 Responses to Lee Seung Gi 8th Debut Anniversary Fan Event III-3

  1. Anonymous says:

    awww! so sweet! how i wish to be a dclsg fan. is dclsg fan is the official airen club or just another airen club instead of the official one? really curious because dclsg is like one of the main resource for seung gi’s latest event as same as tryp’s site. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      DCInside is an open forum/portal site. The site originally was opened for exchange and selling cameras with photos attached but it now became the biggest forum for every interests. There are so many galleries under different interests/hobbies. Drama galleries (like My Girlfriend is a nine tailed fox gallery or The King 2 Hearts gallery) , food galleries, games, baseball teams, variety program galleries (like 1N2D or Strong Hearts gallery), American drama, British drama, Japanese animation.., etc. Also so many celebrity galleries and Lee SeungGi Gallery (DCLSG) is one of the celebrity galleries. It is an open site for people who love SeungGi, share photos, stories, video clips and supports SeungGi, like organising birthday event, his debut anniversary events or drma events… There are few different SeungGi Korean fan sites including Daum cafe, SeungSunSa and DCLSG is perhaps one of the largest. And there is an official SeungGi fan club which you can become an official Airen (recruitment around March) but now Airen is a general term used for all fan clubs of SeungGi. If you want to be DCLSG member, you would be better to understand Korean language but even if you don’t understand Korean, you can always look at the photos or video clips of SeungGi. You can become a member or you can always remain as a non-member. There are some Non-Koreans as well. And SeungGall is the image of SeungGi, clean, no bad languages/slang and nice thoughtful 🙂

    • myseunggiya says:

      dclsg are korean airens but they have their own fan club as well, but not the official one. the official fan club is the one where you registered with on Seunggi’s site at http://www.leeseunggi.com and actually pay for the membership, which makes it official. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      thanks a lot for both of you! now i understand about his fanclubs and stuff. i’ve read once about the recruitment. will definitely join the official one. thanks again! 😀

  2. crazyajummafan says:

    So nice. Would love to have the fan ring! What are the words engraved in the ring?

  3. IamKissed says:

    This is so sweet… ♥ I hope Seung Gi gets to wear this!! 🙂

  4. lia says:

    I want it..

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