Lee Seung Gi “Filming GFB until unconscious… I have the strongest attachment to it”

source: hankooki via nate

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9 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “Filming GFB until unconscious… I have the strongest attachment to it”

  1. me2 says:

    My favorite couple from the last few months to recent!
    Suzy so beautiful!
    I am big fan of lee seung gi but I start loving this girl lately!
    Wish to see them someday working together again!

  2. Will you translate the full interview later on?
    GFB is special not only for us fans but all of the casts, esp those youngsters, Suzy, LSG, gon, Chong Jo, and Taeso cos’ this is their first ever historical drama for them 😉 sweet!

    • Yon says:

      sashia, tryp has already mentioned in an earlier post not to ask for translation. She will do so if she has the time to translate it. Just looking at the number of headlines of the articles that were released today, tryp is already doing her best in posting as soon as it is out, so let’s be appreciative and don’t ask for translation.

      There might be translations (from Airens who can translate from Chinese to English) later but same.. we should not expect or demand anything from them either. All of them are using their personal time if they do translate.

  3. triangel25 says:

    The hair and the shirt here matched so well..
    It’s really heart-breaking to know that he was filming till unconscious.. It must have been really exhausted despite he due to be a healthy guy..Take care my dear Seunggi~!!!
    I guess when his parents saw the headlines, must be worried like mad..

  4. wenniey says:

    1n2d is helpfull for uri seunggi Oppa,…. (y) #i love the way he saw the camera (pict numb 3)…. lovable man.. Nice guy! #seunggi Oppa saranghayeo….

  5. Anonymous says:

    “The fainted recording is too dangerous to be used.” I’m actually getting scared and worried reading this. Just how dangerous it was. I’m glad he’s okay.
    Diet and sleepless times are over, time to fill your cheek SeungGi :))

  6. crazyahjummafan says:

    I think it was not just a physically exhausting drama for him – action scenes, dieting, all nighters, carrying Suzy (just joking), outdoor filming in first cold weather, then hot weather – it was also emotionally draining – so many crying n heart wrenching scenes, n also to carry the burden of being sunbae to a number of actors, n even intellectually trying – speaking in sageuk. Memorising lines in normal korean is one thing, in sageuk is another.

    Well done Seunggi!

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