You’re All Surrounded OST

You can now pre-order the album on YesAsia or Gmarket:

credit: MarbleTeethMusic Soundtracks

Track List

01. I’m In Love – Lee Seung Chul
02. That Word Love – TaeYeon
03. What’s Wrong With Me (Feat. Kang Min Hee of Miss $) – San E
04. That Was You – Ahn Jae Hyun (Title Song)
05. I Only See You – Kwon Jin Ah
06. One Love – EDEN
07. You Are All Surrounded
08. 11, Teheran-ro 114-gil
09. Gangnam Police Station P4
10. We Are Partners
11. One Span of Growth
12. The End, And New Beginning
13. Trauma
14. A Person Coming…
15. Photographic Memory
16. The Crime Occurred!
17. Justice For All
18. Top Secret

source: yesasia
English translation:

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3 Responses to You’re All Surrounded OST

  1. Anonymous says:

    Instead of buying an album without one Seung Gi’s song, I think I should save money for his new 10th debut anniversary albums, one for myself and some for my close friends as gifts too. Maybe a special album with Seung Gi’s special something along as his latest mini album “Forest” so it must have high cost I think.

  2. april says:

    I’m not so happy ? becoz Album w/out Lee Seung Gi’s song

  3. impreza says:

    I hope they put the background music that has been obsessing me for weeks (a music reminiscing of mystery). I keep my fingers crossed, you never know with Korean OST..

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