15.12.22 Photo with Lee Seung Gi at GoongHap Support Event

This was posted by the fried rice truck caterer. She described SeungGi as “warm, bright, heodang, nice, gentle, upright, heartwarming young man.” During his break, SeungGi came out smiling and chatted with her. And even though he was tired from the late-night filming, he took the picture with her after he finished filming. You can tell from the picture how happy that made her. She used to think of SeungGi just as a nice and gentle face, but after meeting him in person, she won’t be able to forget his intense gaze.

credit: missgamasot
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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5 Responses to 15.12.22 Photo with Lee Seung Gi at GoongHap Support Event

  1. Forever Airen says:

    Totally can relate to that feeling. T_T Although I never encounter him in real life but after know him for so many years, he indeed a heartwarming young man. Like I’ve never seen other celebrity that give such a warm and gentle vibe like Seung Gi. He won’t be called Nation’s Hunnam for nothing though. And this probably sounds like an exaggeration but he gotta be the nicest young man I’ve ever seen! He’s too precious and I won’t let anyone nor anything hurt him. Wishing our boy and people around him all love, luck, happiness and blessing ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. oldie96 says:

    Perfect description for Seunggi. ❤ Anyone who meets him will definitely describe him as a nice and heartwarming young man. I am a proud mommy. :')

  3. johanaparker771@gmail says:

    Seunggi-ya stop being so charming…. Your intense gaze and warm smile alone are enough to flutter a woman did you know that? What are you going to do if all the ladies’s heart went all flutter every time they meet you lol. XD

  4. He is just the best, as an artist and as a man. Precious and not clonable ahh thats a shame, Who wouldn’t want a Seung Gi’s clone to keep at Home? hahaha). Sweetie pie, we are always going to luv and support you, you deserve it fully, blessings!!!!

  5. Nive says:

    Wow…Seung GI is such a heart warming person….Am very happy to hear this…I love him more than before…. Very great Seung gi….I respect u a lot….am badly wants to see you once…

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