16.01.21 Lee Seung Gi IG Thanks Fans with Eye Contact


A photo posted by Leeseunggi.official (@leeseunggi.official) on

#I’mGoingToTheMilitary #이승기 #leeseunggi #Airen #EyeContact #thankyou #kamsahamnida~ (heart)

credit: leeseunggi.official
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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6 Responses to 16.01.21 Lee Seung Gi IG Thanks Fans with Eye Contact

  1. Missing you already. Big Hug and I am the one to thank you, for giving us so much laughter and joy concerts, acting, comedy, realities as a MC,good social actions, ALL that made you as awesome as you are. And to help in a way to feel free to shed tears when things are not well and we heal through your songs. Thank you for that and blessings ,Be safe, healthy and hope they release you sooner.

  2. adzrg says:

    does any1 know which place in korea he will enlist from.. planning to go and say good bye but I dont know the location.. Please help!!! Thanks

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks to you for your good music and acting a hug from italy

  4. Elvira campo says:

    If two people are destined to be together they will find each other no matter the obstacles! Seung Gi you sweet person thanks for your songs! Good bless U!!!!!!! Love U Lee Seung Gi ❤

  5. Anonymous says:

    Miss You Already Handsome……*KissKissHug

  6. Angelsg says:

    Thank you too Seung Gi!! You always love your Airens^○^~~~
    Don’t worry too much! Will wait for you to come back!! Be a manly charming perfect man!!
    Fighting Fighting Fighting! Love you more!

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