17.07.15 Knowing Bros Cut – Lee Seung Gi

This was the hot topic on dclsg last night, but surprisingly no one had posted a cut yet. So I had to search elsewhere. In this segment, KHD and that female idol were playing a father-daughter pair, and I think the game was to guess each other’s answers to certain questions. KHD’s question was, “Which male celebrity do you want to introduce to your daughter?” Not too surprisingly, KHD picked SeungGi, even though he had problem conveying that to his “daughter.” 😆 He was trying to act out “winning,” which is one of the meanings of 승 (Seung). If you think about how many male celebrities KHD knows… It’s really a testament to how highly regarded SeungGi is. 😛

credit: sunhae_Airen

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4 Responses to 17.07.15 Knowing Bros Cut – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Lydia Vanessa Serrano says:

    Nobody would complain having Seung Gi as their son in Law. He is the Best and KHD loves Him dearly and sincerely. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. lindakwt says:

    Good to know his bros are all okay now… hiw about kim c, eun jiwo and mc mong? Kang hondong shi like seung gi as model son for his baekdu 😋😋😋

  3. Elvira campo says:

    Wow! How nice that they are remembering always and soon will be back Seung Gi 🥋 Love you 😘

  4. There was an episode in 2d1n when KHD’s son was born and MC Mong asked Ho Dong show who he would like his son grow up like, choose one of them and his delightful face and laugh while grabbing LSG’s hand, that was priceless 😉 https://youtu.be/hSdOxE2ikPA at 45:00

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