Sneak Preview of MGIG DVD

*3rd video reuploaded*

Seems like a lot of people have already bought the DVD. Is the boycott becoming a lost cause?

Anyway, this is an original youku link shared by a Chinese fan. all the videos are shared by Chinese fans on youku but reuploaded to DM, so you’ll have to excuse the poor video quality.

edited scene from Ep 16

deleted scene from Ep 11

credit: baidu tieba

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12 Responses to Sneak Preview of MGIG DVD

  1. WiSeong says:

    hi! yes, i can see that a lot of people have bought MGIG DVD… aigoo what happened with the boicott? i’ve seen many times the word ‘boicott’ in LSG DC and SMA DC… what happened?

    aish, i can’t see the second video… the message said that only you can watch if you are from China :S

    • tryp96 says:

      Really? That’s strange. I’m in the US and the video is playing ok. ❓

      • WiSeong says:

        thanks a lot chinggu!
        i don’t know, maybe the rectriction was only for Peru? :S so weird…
        Those 2 scenes are so cute! and in the first video the 4 look really tired but even that Minah look so beautiful and SeungGi nomu nomu nomu handsome<3

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Tryp, lost cause or not, did you know if the bonus goodies are all without subs?

    From the first clip, SG and MA looked very tired (dark circles abound) but still beautiful. The vet looked totally undone.

  3. ann says:

    im in PH and cant see the 2nd video as well 😦 i hope it can be uploaded somewhere

  4. yuoi says:

    Thank you so much for reuploading 2nd video. I couldnt watch it too ^^

  5. pooh says:

    sorry, but i can’t see 3rd vid more channel please

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  7. kirichan says:

    hi do you know where i can see the full episode in dvd version on internet?or maybe another scene cut on episode 11?thanks

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