SeungGi the ‘WanPanNam’

*WanPanNam = sold-out man

A dclsg fan went shopping at the Kolon Sport store in Daegu, and found out that the blue Hestia down jacket (pictured above) had been sold out in just one day! And the red jacket SeungGi wore on Running Man had also been selling like hotcakes (some sizes already sold out).

Each Hestia down jacket costs 470,000 won.

source: dclsg

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6 Responses to SeungGi the ‘WanPanNam’

  1. Muljen says:

    Ooh, i thought of buying that red jacket too when I go to Seoul for his concert. Hope Kolon Sport stll have my size.

  2. super says:

    Beware ,there is a new bug going around.the lsg fever spreading fast.

  3. Gen Wong says:

    Omg, thanks for the awesome news! Really love reading about the Lee Seunggi effect.
    I’m always amazed at how he sells luxury fridges and expensive jackets!
    Either he has really rich fans, or they really love him and this is their way of showing support.
    Made my day with this great news! $400 jacket sold out in one day. Daebak!

  4. revolu says:

    That’s a pretty pricey jacket O.o

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