13.03.16 Lee Seung Gi Congratulates Park Shin Hye

… on her 10th debut anniversary through a video message at her fan meeting in the Philippines. Park Shin Hye also picked SeungGi as her 3rd best partner, and said she would like to work with SeungGi in a drama.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

source: ANJELL_IFS

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6 Responses to 13.03.16 Lee Seung Gi Congratulates Park Shin Hye

  1. Maris says:

    It was so great to see LSG greet Shinhye on her 10th anniversary celebration fan meeting …..a very special landmark.They have known each other for most of that time too. I would love to see them in a drama together too since they are not only my favorite male and female actress but they show great chemistry in whatever they have worked together in.

  2. gildatan123 says:

    And hope Park SHIN HYE will tell Seung gi that Filipino people so very accommodating and how i wish that it can be the the way that Seung gi recognize his Airen pH fans.. and hoping and praying that he could make it to come and visit Philipines ……..

  3. melissa says:

    Aw! I really want them to work together in a drama too. They have great chemistry already.

  4. Melissa Tam says:

    I wonder does he have Park shin hye phone #..
    how did he know her debut year? =O=

  5. poop says:

    Sigh by just through this clip, I could tell how amaaaazing their chemistry is. How I wish Shin Hye would be his co star in GFB instead of Suzy, but oh well!

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