15.12.26 Psy Concert Backstage Photo with Lee Seung Gi

Note to trolls and certain idol fans: Please stop spreading stupid and baseless rumors of SeungGi. SeungGi is very protective of his family, loved ones, and his private life in general. If he’s really dating this girl, she would know better than exposing it to the public. So please use your brain and stop stalking SeungGi fan sites. Your comments are not welcome.

“Celebrating because his hair was on point & because he finally watched The Shining #wecanbefriendsnow #filmbuff” #unconditional #sparkling #stageoutfit #blackonblack

credit: ellenjwpark

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67 Responses to 15.12.26 Psy Concert Backstage Photo with Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know but there is something weird in her words above !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      ok, call me crazy but u think her aunt (Noh hee yong)- and her self- trying to push her on to seunggi since he broke up with …. you know, i mean she always sitting beside him taking photos with him and now say we are friends , God it’s so annoying i really don’t care how much down votes i will get but doesn’t her house have mirrors , i mean she is not just ugly her face look like deformed …..

      • Anonymous says:

        um way prettier than ‘you know who’ any day! korean public view of beauty different from teeny bopper idol fans.

      • Anonymous says:

        maybe ppl around them trying to hook them up? ugh haha…i know she took many pics with other celebrities and posted on her ig but then i remember ms. noh hee young also post a picture on her ig (a table set photo) when they have private dinner at teo yang’s house, she tagged captain hook, teoyang, ellen, atomy37 and seung gi huhu…i am so jealous ahaha jk jk…

      • Anonymous says:

        Just look at her photo as a child, she’s pretty since she was born, dear someone’s bitter fan lol.
        Also, show me your face, please! lol

        • Anon says:

          The only problem this girl has is that IN THE PICTURE she stands next to SeungGi. That’s what all the fury is about. Plain and simple. So anyone who said oh please let him find an “ordinary girl” I say Ha! As long as a girl showed up near SeungGi she would be scrutinized, and criticized.

    • omuraiisu says:

      Wait girls, don’t make your imagination take over you.. lol
      What’s so weird? because “wecanbefriendsnow” hastag? let me try to make it more clear..
      I think she said that because now Seunggi has finally watched movie “The Shining” (and because his hair was on point? lol), so now they can be “film buff/movie buff” buddies. You know, around movie buff buddies, there’re sometimes a say that you can’t call yourself a movie buff before you watch some certain movie. “The shining” is one of film directed by Stanley Kubrick. Since they both went to Stanley Kubrick exhibit, they must be talking about Kubrick’s movie, and then realize SeungGi had not watch the shining that time. So they recomanded him to watch it. And now he has watched it, so they can be friends now, film buff friends. 😀
      So.. if you guys want to become movie buff buddies with SeungGi and this Ellen too, maybe it’s time for you to watch “The Shining”.. lol XD
      btw, The Shining is psychological horror film, so maybe I know why SeungGi never watch it before.. haha.. my dear SeungGi ^3^ (or maybe he just didn’t have a change to watch it.. :P)

      • Anonymous says:

        omg I LOLd reading your post.

        “So.. if you guys want to become movie buff buddies with SeungGi and this Ellen too, maybe it’s time for you to watch “The Shining”.. lol XD”

        kekekekkeke Airens so jjang cool! ^^ love ya Airens and Seunggi~ love ya!

        • Anonymous says:

          then again, this ellen is really jjang, until she can “force” seunggi to watch horror movie (we know seunggi doesn’t really like to watch horror movie, rite?) hehe =P

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, seems like “hell hath no fury like a fangirl scorned”, huh..? 😂😂😂

        • Anonymous says:

          Ahh.., and she ever wear black like him – since he’s been wearing black alot lately so it was predictable – poor girl :v :v :v

        • omuraiisu says:

          hmm? did you intend to reply for previous post before me? because I didn’t mean it like that ^^’

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t be fall into that girl’s fan trap lol. Jelious yet bitter fan lol.
        Even if Seung Gi didn’t watch “Shining”, they can be friends since he still has right to do whatever he wants for his own life, it’s not anyone’s business.
        For someone who tries to trolll lol: It’s abt this girl Ellen Park informations, be jelious as you can lol SHE’S HIS FRIEND, BUT WHO ARE YOU? lol
        * Languages
        – English
        Native or bilingual proficiency
        – Korean
        Native or bilingual proficiency
        – Chinese
        Limited working proficiency
        * Education
        – Seoul International School (High School)
        Activities and Societies: Founder and President of PETA (Primary English Teaching Association), President and Vice President of Ambassadors (Elite Choir)
        – Beijing Language and Culture University
        Intensive Chinese Language Course from September 2013 – January 2014
        – Dartmouth College 2010-2015
        Bachelor’s Degree, Film and Media Studies & English Literature
        Activities and Societies: Kappa Delta, Korean Student Association (KSA)
        * Job experience: Culture Marketing Intern (Hyundai Card∙Life∙Capital∙Commercial)
        – Beksul Global Marketing & Brand Planning Intern (CJ CheilJedang)
        – Musical Theater & Live Performances Intern (CJ E&M)
        – Film Department Marketing Intern (CJ E&M)
        – Brand Strategy Intern (CJ CheilJedang)
        – YG Foods Entry-Level Brand Marketing
        * Volunteer Experience & Causes
        – Animal Welfare
        – Arts and Culture
        – Children
        – Education
        – Poverty Alleviation
        – Science and Technology
        – Social Services

        • Anonymous says:


        • omuraiisu says:

          I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean it like that at all. Maybe you can read it again. Of course he can be friend with anyone, and these two are indeed friends. So, here I was in same boat with you. What’s become problem here people make a fuss just because she tagged “We can be friend now”, when we already know she already friend of SeungGi, or at least friend with Noh heeYong and Choi Sunny, and has went to some same events. Some pll raising question which make it sound like “is it mean they’re not just friend before these?” and some ppl just make their wild assumption based of nothing.
          What I’m trying to say here is.. why we should take it so seriously just because “wecanbefriendsnow” word. Even with our friends, sometimes we say something like that. “Oh, we watch same movie, we’re chingu now..” or “Oh, now you likes puppies, then we’re chingu now”, Even thoubg we already freinds from the start. And here, since SeungGi has watch The Shining, they’s film buff buddies now, like how Segeun became SeungGi’s soccer buddies, even though they already friends before they playing soccer together.
          So, like I said before, what’s so weird about this pretty Ellen’s words?
          If it’s about what I say “So.. if you guys want to become movie buff buddies with SeungGi and this Ellen too, maybe it’s time for you to watch “The Shining”.. lol XD” .. it’s just a joke, to loosen the tense here. If you still take it so seriously, maybe I should stop make a joke. What a borring life will I have.. ^^;
          Have a nice days everyone. 🙂

          • Anonymous says:

            My comment has anything with you?
            My reply is for that jealous fan (someone’ fan) who called this girl ugly lol

        • Seunggi Nuna says:

          Wow… So she has beauty and brain.. Now I want her for Seunggi. Wait a minute.. She don’t fall for him as a man? Now I’m offended (Notes: It’s a joke, everybody..)

        • A New Day says:

          To add to this stellar resume, I think she went to Dartmouth too, or just graduated. She is no airhead beauty. And yes, I think she’s very pretty. As someone said already, it’s ugly to criticize others’ looks.

        • gyo says:

          Are people supposed to be impressed about that because some one tried to write a resume just because it look long like some fan making all shorts of ridiculous overexaggurated achievement list about their fav oppas??
          -Very subpar common education , and a subpar degree ,
          though she is no seoul uni or phd in something since such a long resume
          – usual common member of an organisation ,
          -and has work experience as interns in a bunch of companies .
          -volunteer servce??? for – Animal Welfare
          – Arts and Culture
          – Children
          – Education
          – Poverty Alleviation
          – Science and Technology
          Oh common looks desperate
          Literally every one does some voluntary service now a days ,I did it too guess I am some hot shot now.

          BTW seunggi and her visual match they should date

          • HopesDD says:

            Troll, you’re not welcomed in a LSG fansite. The girl was innocently pointing that the girl is good from the little we know (which is her education and is NOT important for Seung Gi’s happiness) she obviously pointed that to who she thought are bitter fans who are in fact trolls. Not to judge or compare.

            And she’s pretty, that’s first. Beauty is in the eyes of its beholder, that’s second. If you were implying Seung Gi’s not handsome, your opinion, but you have no right to come here and bitterly implying something about his look.

            Srsly, Trolls, anonymous trolls, stop this BS. Trying your best to tarnish our reputation and Seung Gi’s!

          • Fools_Rush_In says:

            Post your resume please. I am ready to be impressed. I even offer free critique and pointers. No need to post your photo. I am sure you are pretty in your loved ones’ eyes.

  2. Elvira campo. says:

    The older he gets the cutes he looks ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. lsgapprentice says:

    hahahaha all the comments here makes me smile 🙂 the life of a fanboy T T..

    for me she is beautiful !! whatever relationship they have (seung gi hyung and the girl in the pic.)either they are friends or not.. the best thing for us airens is to support him.

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe because for us fans, seung gi is the most handsome guy so we want he gets a most beautiful girl also lolz…this girl is not ugly of course, she has a sweet face, but but hmm idk lol…oh well, whatever, it’s all up to him haha he has his own taste of a girl for sure, lolz!

      • Anonymous says:

        some of these comments hating on the girl in the pic are so obviously from that kpop idol girl fans. that’s the sad part. they make up their own drama, comments, and drag Seunggi’s name into stuff. his image has suffered enough. for koreans, your credentials, education, talents, upbringing matter a lot.

      • Airen Larinas says:

        I’m a fan girl, and I would like any girl he likes, is not my business. Is not like Seung Gi cares about my boyfriend’s choice LOL

        PS: Moreove, if I ended accepting his last relationship with a girl who really do not like me before, I can accepted whatever now :v

    • seagizem says:

      Hahah always love the fact that seung gi oppa has fanboys too 😍 actually I dont get all these fuss over a photo. Either they are friends or not the important thing is he looks happy so please just keep supporting him.

  4. HopesDD says:

    I can’t believe some “fans” are taking offence at this. First, if you check this girl’s IG, she has A LOT of selca with many celebrities like Rain, GD,..
    Second, you have no right to say someone is beautiful/ugly, it’s ugly to call someone ugly. Have you never heard of “inner beauty” ? I recommand you watch Hyo Joo’s movie for a better understanding “beauty inside”.
    Now finally, no ONE, I mean NO ONE can decide for Seung Gi’s private life other than himself. Whether they’re friends, bf/gf, oppa/dongsaeng. Seung Gi will soon be 29 for god sake, he’s old enough to take care of himself. Actually, since he was young, he showed he’s mature enough to take care of himself.

    To some fans, or maybe troll, grow up/find a better place to troll. I believe Airens are mature, supportive and understanding.

    One last thing, about his ex. It’s true her fans are annoying, but don’t lower your lever to theirs. The girl herself is nice, and we don’t know what really went between the two to judge. Let’s just support LSG.

    • seagizem says:

      Totally agree. Please guys it is his life we are here to support him. So please Airen dont make him sad by those comments and possible fanwar. actually I dont get all these fuss over a photo. Either they are friends or not the important thing is he looks happy so please just keep supporting him.

  5. Airen Larinas says:

    I really don’t care this girl, I really even don’t care his future -non-existent- wife, that he will have someday. I always, ALWAYS, will ship Lee Seung Gi with me LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      puahahahahahhahaa can we all say a big THANKS to Tryp for providing this blog and space for Airens???!!! love ya Tryp!!!

  6. an airen says:

    What is all this chaos -__- Can you guys register under WordPress instead of using anonymous ID. It’s been so confusing who was talking this and who was talking that. I couldn’t differentiate if those anonymous above were same or different person; an Airen or just a lurker/troll, cuz the avatar color is similar if you didnt register.

    And please respect everyone associated with SeungGi including his ex-GIRLFRIEND or his GIRL FRIENDS. You know the differences right? You can’t expect SeungGi to not have girl friends. He’s a sweet and friendly type and one who easily feel comfortable with everyone around him So, if you see him close with this one girl, don’t straightly assume that him dating the girl or the girl trying to flirt with him or anybody trying to hook them up etc and then go judging the girl’s look. Guys and girls definitely can be just friends, like how SeungGi is close to Han Hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won. People these days are so quick to assume and judge or jump into shipping when see a male and female celebrity close. It’s not wrong to ship but don’t do it in an overboard manner, cuz it can be so annoying. Also, SeungGi has always been quite open to skinship. Other male celebrities too. He can link arms, take photos or sit beside whoever he wants and still remains FRIENDS, oh for God sake he is a grown-up man.

    Have you heard about BFF Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia? They are super damn close but they never date. When I was in my high shool, I so ship them I want they date because their interactions are so cute (you can see their moments and pictures here : http://victorious.wikia.com/wiki/Vavan) they both are handsome and pretty like there’s no way one wouldn’t be attracted to another one but now that I’ve grown up, I realize that a friend-zoned relationship do exists no matter how close they are. Few years have passed, they still remain friends. If this kind of relationship existed among k-celebrities, I bet fans would have assumed they were dating smh. (well Asian is quite conservative after all) but the point is just don’t assume and be so delusional.

  7. impreza says:

    These crazy reactions towards the poor girl are hilarious, I feel like I’m witnessing some case of mass hysyeria all of a sudden. Let this girl alone, she posted this with an innocent mind and the pic and text are cute.
    But the fact that the ‘ex-girlfriend’ is mentioned makes me think she left a trauma on some fans. I want to say that anybody can have his/her opinion on her. You can dislike Seunggi’s ex and still be an ardent fan of his. There is no rule. Like I can dislike my brother’s current gf, my sister’s bf, my best friend’s gf or bf and still love my brother, my sister, my friend. I disliked Seunggi’s ex for many reasons, I think he made a bad encounter with a narcissist and that he looked very depressed and tired last year because of this relationship. I’m relieved that he has broken up with her and hope he will find someone good next. That’s my opinion, hence subjective, and anyone can think differently.

    • HopesDD says:

      This subject is not really discussed with Airens, I’ll take this chance.

      I swear I’m a loyal Airen, but we can’t really know about their rs, what happend and why they broke up. All we know is what the media shared. I might be of the few who believe their reason of break up, which is schedule. The two of them are obviously career oriented, and since both are still young and have to explore many opportunities and be known by their names and given credit to their success, and not be called ….’s GF or …’s BF. It’s a personnal choice to like/dislike someone.

      To make my point clearer is: will Airens be happy reading hate comments about LSG from her fans? No! I myself argued many times and asked them to just watch one variety show of Seung Gi to really know him, to really like him. We might miss on her charms (I’m def not affected by it), but she’s precious to her fans like LSG is precious to us. I really hope for no more fanwars between the two’s fanclub. I want Airens to make Seung Gi proud, by not stirring troubles. I know this a strictly a LSG fansite, but I myself used to lurk some of her fansites. It felt good to see some praising him, supporting him and loving him. It also hurts to see others bashing him for stupid reasons like his look (which is very objective and my Seung Gi is the handsomest to me). The two might (note that it’s not something I’m wishing for, nor dreading) get back together. Even if it’s not her, Seung Gi will date another girl and she might be a celebrity.

      I hope you’re not calling her (his ex) a narcissit because we know nothing about her. And no offence, sorry if I offended anyone.

      Btw, this girl, the one who posted this pic, made her IG private, I wonder why :/

      • Wien says:

        A true Airen who loves SeungGi and respect and support his life decision will thumbs up to this comment by HopesDD.. well said, girl.. 👍👍👍
        And to you all immature fans who still has fury,, hope you guys can grow to be a true wise Airen.. 😙😙😙

      • sad says:

        From the starts she already make her ig account private, she just open it two or 3 days and then she private her ig again..

        If you guys want to share her picture it will be good to blur her face, cause i think she just post picture with seunggi like she post picture with other celebrity, her caption always cute not just with seunggi but for other picture with rain and etc..

        And i agree with you, please for airen we didn’t need to put down his ex

      • Anonymous says:

        This Ellen girl sets her IG privately not just for this time with Seung Gi but most of the time. As I notice through lurking there many times, she often sets her IG publicly at the time she posts sth, then she sets it privately again. Maybe since there’re a lot of celebrities’ fans lurking around there. You know, she didn’t tag Seung Gi name on her post, just we fans stalking her IG first, it’s really not fair for her to be critized as an attention seeker or sth bad as someone here said.
        She’s Seung Gi’s friend IN REAL LIFE whom Seung Gi knows in person, then who do some annoyed Kpop (other’s) fans here think they are to judge abt her? Or even if she’s his current girlfriend, it’s still his own life. Also the same case with his ex& his past relationship, let it be as it is. He announced that he broke up with her, then it’s they splitted up now, don’t assume anything else as-you-wish. Thinking a bit, what if Seung Gi’s in a new relationship now? Don’t you think it would hurt Seung Gi himself a lot if you guys keep dragging his ex name along with him or do 123456763 times of assumptions abt him being back with someone being an ex? Just leave him alone with his own life. Please show some respect to his privacy if you’re his real fans.

      • impreza says:

        I think she is a narcissist but like I said, it’s my opinion. I like your peaceful attitude, you are certainly not offending anyone by stating your opinion with such good intention. But what can we do? I’m just a fan of Seunggi and I don’t care at all about what the fans of his ex think about him. They don’t matter to me.
        About the reason of their break up, of course we don’t know. But what I’m sure of (my own experience of knowing a little about the entertainment business) is that the ‘official’ reason is almost never the truth. It’s just a mutual agreement regarding media communication.

      • seagizem says:

        Totally agree. My ultimate and forever bias is seung gi oppa even though I am also a sone my faves are taeyeon and jessica (before and after their relationship no offence). so you can like someone or not it is not important but saying things that might hurt them is not right. Whether seung gi oppa and ellen are friends or not it is not our business.It is his life we are here to support him. So please Airen dont make him sad by those comments and possible fanwar. actually I dont get all these fuss over a photo. Either they are friends or not the important thing is he looks happy so please just keep supporting him.

    • amy says:

      Uh oh no no no. Yup you can have your opinion (well I dislike his ex too for whatever reasons I don’t even know why I just can’t like her) but let’s not put her down calling her a narcissist. Seung Gi chose her, it’s like we put him down at the same time. I know some of us have suffered and hurted lot dealing with some of her immature fans but that doesn’t give us an excuse to put her down. Like HopesDD said above dont lower our level to theirs. It’s okay people make mistakes, lets be a more mature Airen with A+ attitude after this. 🙂

      To other Airens, this is not necessarily related to this topic, anyhow anywhere lets not do something that can make our fandom looks bad. We represents Seung Gi’s image so we need to give other people a good and favourable impression on Seung Gi. Argue politely and rationally don’t put other celebrities down. Dont brag about him excessively or unnecessarily too because non-fans might find it annoying (like how I can be so annoyed when kpop fans worship their idol’s beauty more than anything else-,- /sorry/) If we can’t make a person to become a fan, at least try to not make a non-fan to become a hater just because of one’s rude and annoying personality. I have a lot of celebrities I dislike (who I am neutral at the beginning) because of their annoying fans turns me off. How a fan acts really give a huge impact, well at least to me.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seunggi is a very smart guy. he’s not stupid. he (and Hook) know NOW that what type of girl he dates DOES matter. whether you like it or not, but true. and seunggi with a kpop girlgroup idol is not what korean public expected from him. but I don’t think hook, seunggi (and fans) ever imagined how much his image would suffer due to that. Thankfully all that is over and it’s only up from now on.

    • A New Day says:

      Heart goes where heart goes. It’s not like a business deal or schemes that you (AND your agency?!) weigh pros over cons. Remember the couple DID NOT make it public out of their own volition – the Korean press did. They tried to keep their love affair private. Unfortunately in the world they live in, it’s impossible. I accept the fact that their careers depend on “public opinions” but I don’t condone that practice at all! It’s one aspect of the K-pop culture I dislike the most. I am doing my best not to perpetuate it, by stop spreading rumors, by respecting anyone’s private life, by showing basic manners to ANYONE.

      • Anonymous says:

        yet Seunggi was the only one who’s image suffered. on the other hand, the kpop idol girl (with the help of her agency linking her to Seunggi, even using his traits as hers) benefitted from upstanding public image of seung gi. and that is THE truth.

        • Anonymous says:

          wow….I guess you dont really know about his-ex image right? She’s big and carry a good image in public too! and even I don’t know how but if it reallydoes suffer, he is not the only one who suffered I’m sure. I really can’t believe that you guys thought like this.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why but I love how nobody here ever mention her name at all LOLL it just feels funny. Y’all only address her by “his ex-gf” “that girl” “a somebody.. you know who”. Looks like majority of us were trying to pretend the last 2 years didn’t exist. Yep let’s pretend, forget and move on.

    For Seung Gi’s future wife, although I have no right to decide but a girl like Song Il Kook’s wife, which is a lawyer with high education background would be nice, just saying. They got amazingly intelligent triplets. Men in my circle prefer high-educated and career woman though because they find woman like that cool. Alright I know I got such a high taste and was acting like a freak mother-in-law. It’s simply just my preference, don’t kill me please. I will be always welcomed to his new relationship as long as the girl is nice and he’s happy.

    • impreza says:

      I know, lol. Like she is Voldemort. I did avoid to mention her name too. That’s why I brought up the word ‘trauma’, speaking of the fans.

      • Anonymous says:

        hahahaha lol. ‘trauma’ is so the truth lol. but it’s over so let’s move on. excited to see the amazing topnotch perfect Korean girl/wife he’ll bring home to his mom and dad. and the great son-in-law he’ll be to his future mother-in-law and father-in-law.

        • Anonymous says:

          His ex does not need a boyfriend like him who does not even have the guts to acknowledge her after using his company to acknowledge his relationship. It’s really disgusting to see his skinship with MCW bts and during running man. No other actors have this type of skinship with their co-star after completion of filming. His job indeed!

          • Xee says:

            Jealous much? No other actors do such skinship with their co-star? You must be so naive then. Ive seen many though. Beside, he and MCW have always been closed anyway even before he date your idol, so chill. And your idol also never really acknowledge him blatantly. Both of them always avoid and circle around when was asked about the other one. They never mention each other’s name. Its because they prioritize their PERSONAL LIFE PRIVACY. They even get praised for not been too show-off about their relationship Idk why are you complaining about that smh.

          • I AM ANON TOO says:

            They broke up. Why can’t you let go? You like the cp that much? Hahaha. The more you complain the more you look like a sour grape. Hope you can find some nicer things to do and move on soon.

  10. jj says:

    Seung gi ya, I hope that you # Right Time meet the Right Girl #

  11. Have a life seunggi-ya .. you and ellen look good together! Truly a “match made in heaven!!! Follow your heart …

  12. Lel says:

    Much ado about nothing! I think we should support Lee Seunggi by voting for him and listening to his music.(instead).

  13. seagizem says:

    Everyone first calm down. For his past relationship please just respect. We know that they liked each other but looks like it didnt go well and they broke up. So just think like that and move on. For this all ellen park fuss. The thing is in her instagram account she first shared a pic with seung gi oppa more than a year ago while he wasnt single so all the noh hee yong introduced her to him to date because he is single idea is wrong. They knew each other before all these fuss going on. Also she literally knows every top notch celebrities and the line we can be friends now looks like it is just joke an. Even though they might decide to date later all we need to do all Airen need to do is supporting him. It is same for his past relationship too. They might decide to get back together too we dont know. So please dont bash people just because they are near seung gi oppa be a fan for him and like him you can like someone or not it is not important but saying things that might hurt them is not right. My forever ultimate bias and role model is seung gi oppa and I will just keep supporting him in every cases so please you also do that and make him proud of us.

  14. Anonymous says:

    omg….I can’t believe that you guys are talking down about HIS EX or You Know Who or Somebody like this…….I’m her fan and I became Lee SeungGi fan too but seeing this really makes me disappointed, really. I know, there are some immature fans out there but none of them ever call him narcissist or whatever that need to forgive and forget after they did broke up. I’m speechless yet angry but still, sincerely, thank you to some of you here for being nice and mature, you earned my respect.

    • seagizem says:

      Actually even though I don’t approve that kind of talk I saw worse comments about seung gi oppa from yoona eunnis fans. they even called our oppa ugly monster and even though it still makes me mad I didn’t say anything 😣. Please if from both fandom someone make a hurtful comment both party try to say that kind of talk shouldn’t be done etc. Just be mature and spread these words please.

    • Xee says:

      None of them ever call him narcissist or whatever? Hah, you gotta be kidding me. I’ve seen way many Yoona fans insult him in a very rude manner even after they broke up. Far rude than above guess you werent aware any of them how funny you act like your fandom is all nice and innocent. *rolled eyes* You don’t know how many of us were so hurted by their rude remarks.


      You can read comments above and see how many Airens there were expressing of how hurted are they by y’all all this time but at the same time still trying to act rational to avoid fan war. But of course there will be still few who still can lose shits. It’s all depend on how one can manage their anger. We are dissapointing, you say? Your fandom are no different tbh.

      Anyways, let the bygones be bygones its time to part our way and care things within own fandom. It’s tiring to deal with some of y’all.

    • Cinta says:

      I’m sorry to say this but I saw her fans wishing him to go blind (when his eyes were stabbed by a knife during YAAS filming) so she’d break up with him. Airens were very worried he got injured so reading that kind of comment made my heart ached. I still can’t forget their “wish” and I really hope he won’t date any idol again in the future. Granted some of you are nice and supportive, but there’s still rotten apples in every fandom.

  15. Cinta says:

    Tryp, how I wished you deleted the comments after it went out of control because his exgf fans posted some of the comments here on OH, spreading lies & rumors about him dating this girl and hatred towards Airens. To maintain peace, can you please lock or make this post private to avoid more fanwars? It’s annoying how his exgf fans continue stalking Airens and your site.

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