17.10.31 Lee Seung Gi MS Discharge Fanpics 3

OMG! SeungGi received a “Special Warrior” award! So proud!!!

credit: king0215sun

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3 Responses to 17.10.31 Lee Seung Gi MS Discharge Fanpics 3

  1. Seungifan says:

    Omg omg omg. Finally finally he did it… we did it. He is back…. that was a long time
    We have missed you so much.. seeing his face.. hearing his voice…
    The award is no suprise.. our boy doing us proud since 2004…
    We love you lee seung gi…

  2. Anonymous says:

    First of all, apologies for accidentally pressing the thumbs down button. Didn’t mean to do that 🙁Second, at long last Seung Gi is back and he’s looking so good. I still recall the day when he enlisted and he looks so different today. He has that manly confidence in full display. Third, congrats Seung Gi for serving your country with no less than your usual 100%. We are happy and so proud of you. Welcome back!

  3. yani262 says:

    Welcome back SeungGi-ya … words can’t describe how I feel right now. Looking forward to see you in your new projects.

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