Lee Seung Gi CF Preference #1, “Don’t go to the military~”


This article came out a few days ago, but I guess it’s not TOO late to post it since the news was just on TV today. 😛

This is actually talking about the CF Model Likability Ranking list I’ve been posting every month. I just keep translating it differently, sorry. 😛

From acting to singing to entertainment, enjoying great popularity as a multi-entertainer who’s involved in everything, Lee Seung Gi has been proved to be the best CF star.

According to a survey done by the Korean CM Strategy Research Institute, Lee Seung Gi was the #1 consumer preferred CF model in December, and he has kept the crown for 6 months in a row. His preference rate of 11.77% is double that of Shin Min Ah, who’s in 2nd place with a rate of 5.63%. Lee Seung Gi is currently dazzling through 9 CFs including Zipel, KB Card, Pizza Hut, and etc.


Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi has said through SBS Strong Heart, which he hosts along with Kang Ho Dong, that he plans to enlist in the military. Netizens expressed sorrow with comments like, “When his ads are so well liked, he should film lots of CFs. Why go to the millitary?”

And here’s an added bonus from another article:

After reporting the news of the CF preference ranking, the reporter commented: 😆

Proverb of the Day: If Lee Seung Gi endorsed it, even lye would be drinkable.

source: consumernews, 10asia
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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