Cha Dae Woong got caught tweeting!

This is so funny! Thanks to the eagle-eyed dclsg fanboy, Spice, for noticing it.

This picture of SeungGi from the MGIG DVD set was posted a couple of days ago. You probably wondered what he was doing, right?

It turns out that he was probably taking this following picture and tweeting about it!

Notice the guy with a camera in the background? He was probably taking the picture of SeungGi taking the picture of the camera! 😆

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4 Responses to Cha Dae Woong got caught tweeting!

  1. hamizah says:

    Can U give me lee seung gi account on twitter next time? I really hope thet you can give me. Please…

  2. everydei says:

    isnt this adorable??? HHAHAHAH
    as far as i can remember he was so proud to tweet that picture since it’s the first time a korean drama used that kind of camera,. and its really true. you can see it on his face. ahah


  4. Jarred Joy says:

    can you give the link of seung gi’s twitter account? 🙂

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