Fierce competition among ‘acting-dols’… Who will be ‘the next Lee Seung Gi’?

I remember there was a similar article earlier this year talking about the various idols trying to achieve the “triple crown.” The exact same question was asked, “Who will be the next Lee Seung Gi?” So I guess things haven’t changed very much. And it’s nice to see SeungGi being considered the gold standard for the idols, even though he’s not really an idol himself. 😀

source: spn

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5 Responses to Fierce competition among ‘acting-dols’… Who will be ‘the next Lee Seung Gi’?

  1. MMM says:

    He is one of a very few soloist who is still stand firm although there are many new boyband/girlband come. So, I think that might be the reason why he is always said as actor-doll, even though he is not an idol.

    but still, I disagree of Lee Seung Gi is being said as an idol. Even most idol fans also hardly admit him as an idol!! since he can’t really dance like their idol. lol!! XD

  2. Dimples says:

    I think it takes time to have the next Lee Seung Gi because he’s one of a kind. Aren’t some execs of entertainment and advertising world saying that they wonder if there’s another one like LSG? They still have yet to find 🙂 But it’s not gonna be soon.

  3. sara says:

    I think it ‘s hard to find an actingdol like Seung ki.he is multitalented.but i think JYJ ‘s Micky has the chance to be a bit like seung ki in the future.his performance in SKK was not as brilliant as Seung ki’s in SI,but it was satisfying.i don’t have any idea about other actingdols.and about Seung ki being an idol,although he is not an idol based on the general definition of an idol,but to me or maybe to most of his fans,he is an idol,someone you can worship,A god.

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